About the Training Series

Dunk & Associates invites you to join us for Part 2 of the 2018 Ontario Training Series. This series is an experience designed to share best leadership and safety practices with businesses who desire to excel in safety.

Part 1 took place in May 2018 and was a great success. Now it’s time for Part 2! Part 2 is a full day designed to train managers, supervisors and employers. The training sessions will not be offered via webinar because the subject matter is difficult. Our discussions, tools and tips are sensitive and intended for a live audience only.

Part 2: Embedding Common Knowledge

We’ve all heard the phrase, common sense isn’t so common. Time to change the language to common knowledge in the workplace. Our focus for this training day is to enhance the safety processes you have; to document, train and set the expectations of safety in your workplace. The tools you will learn will lay the foundation for your due diligence defence and result in lower frequency and injury rates.

Topics that will be addressed include:

  • R.A.C.E. and the Functioning JHSC
    • This is a living process in your workplace – Learn the steps needed to ensure it is working.
  • Injury Investigations
    • Getting the results that make a difference, that effect change and improve your safety program. Your investigations need to focus on outcome.
  • Wellness
    • During our healthy lunchbreak, join the discussion on measuring the effectiveness of your wellness programs.
  • Fit for Duty
    • Set the standards for employees showing up every day, “fit for duty”. What can you expect, ask for, and how to manage employees who are no longer fit for duty?
  • Lessons from Losses
    • Are you learning from the lessons in your workplace, from the courts, from your peers? Together we will review some of the lessons employers are learning the hard way.

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