Stop Procrastinating!

What are you waiting for? We are in the home stretch for 2018. We usually procrastinate because we either don’t know how to do something, or because the task seems daunting. Whatever your reasons are for procrastinating your safety responsibilities, it’s time to face the music and just get it done! With only four months left in the year you are running the risk of missing some important tasks that demonstrate you are a due diligent employer in 2018. By the time you get around to reading this newsletter, it may even be closer to three months. The worst thing you can do when you procrastinate is to continue to do so. It might feel better in the short term to turn a blind eye, but having those

Know Your Work Limits!

Employment standards can be tough to navigate if you don’t know them well or work with them on a regular basis. That’s why most employers don’t realize that provincial legislation sets limits for an employee’s working hours and time free from work. Most people are familiar with overtime, which is a threshold of hours an employee exceeds that will then permit them to receive premium pay. However, what about the other work limits? Can employees agree to waive their employment rights? Do the rules apply to everyone? In most provinces, the employment/labour standards legislation outlines things from the maximum daily limit on hours worked, the threshold for when overtime kicks in, as well as wee

Planning Relieves Your Stress

Calling on all procrastinators! Did you know that planning can relive your stress? Wow, ground breaking news isn’t it? Now, for all of you type A control freaks like me, we already know the best way to avoid getting bogged down is to be prepared, create lists upon lists, and to make everyone else around us know how ready we really are. But that in itself can also be stressful. In 2011, a self-help author, Robert Epstein conducted a study that determined that 25% of our happiness depends on how well we are able to manage stress. During his study he determined that the stress management technique that was most effective at reducing stress was planning. According to Epstein, there are benefits

Managing Your Systems 24-7 Website

As an administrator at your organization there are probably a million tasks that require your time in a day. Each one more urgent than the last, pulling you in every direction. Who has time for something like health and safety? Here at Dunk & Associates, we understand that and appreciate how valuable your time is. This is the reason why we have created your website to be as user friendly and efficient as possible. From one easy platform, you can keep track and manage all of your employees, pull employee reports, and create your own training courses. All of these features can be accessed from your Administrator tab on your organization’s website. Starting with the Add Employee feature under E


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