Treat Yourself, Don't Trick Yourself... Chocolate isn't a Food Group

Guilty as charged… for the two weeks post Halloween, chocolate is one of my main food groups. In my defence however, I don’t eat a lot of junk food or chocolate at other times of the year; maybe just a little at Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter… ok, most holidays… I might just need to learn a few things to change my own habits. A little indulgence once and awhile is okay. If you are at the point though where junk food is starting to replace meals, then you have a very big problem and it might be time for a chocolate intervention! Canada’s food guide recently received a major overhaul and now places an emphasis on more plant-based foods while toning down the previous guidelines for meat

The Importance of Reporting Incidents!

Joe works in the warehouse. One Friday afternoon around 4 pm, he feels a sharp pain in his back while lifting a box. Shortly after, he leaves for the weekend, during which 35 cm of snow falls. Monday morning, still suffering, Joe consults his doctor. Back at work, he declares his accident to his boss. What caused his back pain? Work or a bad move with the snow shovel? Doubt can easily settle. One morning while going into the office, Tania slips on the snow-covered doorway. She fortunately has good reflexes and doesn’t fall as she clings to the wall. She does not tell anyone. Later, a colleague who is carrying a bunch of documents, slips and falls on the ice, breaking his collarbone. Could th

Document, Document, Document!

How many times have you heard, “If it’s not in writing, it didn’t happen”? We all know that documentation is important. It’s a central part of a workplace's activities, not only for legal matters, audits or disputes, but also for rules and regulations. HR departments are notoriously known as paper pushers. But in the workplace, paper is really important, or at least what’s on the paper is. The most obvious benefit of proper documentation is the ability to prove due diligence for an employer. It’s the proof of the what, when and how you carry out activities. By documenting even the smallest matters, you will have reliable resources to turn to if you need them. In every workplace there has bee

Personal Safety

Why is it okay to take risks in our personal life, and yet, the same type of risks are unacceptable at work? Unfortunately, many people take safety more seriously at work than at home. Maybe it’s because we fear the consequences of job performance, discipline or just get caught up in the safety culture at work. But whether you decide to become a weekend warrior, take part in risky extra-curricular activities, or just perform housework without PPE, the consequences are the same; illness and/or injury. Look around your home and think about what hazards may exist. How much stuff do you have piled on your staircase waiting to go upstairs? Are your household chemicals stored correctly? Do you hav


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