Dunk & Associates Safety Groups Program

When we ask our Ontario clients why they haven’t joined WSIB Safety Groups, they often say, “I don’t have time.” But if you’re already a Dunk & Associates private client, you’re already doing the work. Here’s why you should be in our safety group: There is a 7% potential rebate. For many of our clients, this rebate offsets the costs of services with Dunk & Associates. The WSIB and MOL view participation in Safety Groups as evidence that the workplace is engaged in creating a “safe work culture”. We’ve seen it many times where inspectors walk out of our clients’ workplaces without orders or concerns; they know this company is in Safety Group and with our Dunk & Associates services. If it happ

Values in the Workplace

Workplace culture can find its foundations set in its values. What does your organization value? Truth, responsiveness, trust, respect? How do you live out these values daily? Are you instilling these values in how you greet each other? Are you using positive salutations and tone in your email correspondence? Can your values be experienced by others or is it just a fancy placard on the wall? Let me provide an example: Dunk & Associates values its customers and we respect your time and needs. We demonstrate this to you in our turn around and response time to emails and phone calls. Our rule is to respond to any external email within one hour and any internal email within 2 hours (cannot forge

We’re Co-workers, Not Friends

The reality of life is that sometimes we have to work with people we don't like and quite frankly, that is acceptable. Accepting a job doesn’t mean you are under contract to make new friends. Having a cohesive team built on mutual trust and respect can lead to high levels of success, but is it possible to have that and not like the people you work with? Yes! This isn’t high school, so your employees shouldn’t behave like it is. Nobody said you had to make friends at work. There is an expectation though that employees will treat each other professionally and with courtesy and respect. If you have employees who are getting caught up in work relationship issues, your best bet is to nip it in th

Don't Stress the Holidays

There is nothing worse than unwelcome guests, like your obnoxious uncle or that relative that can’t keep their opinions to themselves. But perhaps the worst unwanted party crasher is stress. And yet, each year we all talk about how joyous a time the holidays bring, but really, under it all we are all one big ball of anxiety. Between shopping, cleaning, entertaining, baking, schedule coordinating, etc., we put so much pressure on ourselves to do it right. But at the end of the day, those who love you and are going to spend the holidays with you, won’t care if everything is just perfect; they just want to be with you. If the holidays have taken a toll on you in the past, try to stop and regrou

Planning Your Holiday Parties

Employers need to take some level of responsibility for health and safety at a workplace party, like they do at work. But that doesn’t mean that you and your workers can’t have a great time. Here are some tips we recommend when planning your holiday party. Tip #1: Clearly Communicate Your Expectations When you share the news about your holiday party with your employees you should communicate your expectations in advance. Although employees are not in the course of employment while at the event, employees do ultimately represent the company and so they are required to behave professionally. Communicate if you are allowing alcohol consumption and/or the use of cannabis. As the employer, you se


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