Offensive is Not Funny!

Have you ever woken up in the morning and thought, "Good morning Canada, what are we offended by today?" I sure have. The minute we decide to check our social media feeds, listen to a podcast or radio station, read the newspaper (yes, they are still around), or watch the news on TV, we see yet another article/rant about why people should not say this or call someone that. It always involves someone, usually in the public eye (because that’s who we tend to lash out at first), who has said something that has somehow offended another person. Since when did everything we say become something that could be used against us? I mean, I thought this was a country where we could openly voice our opini

How Do You Actually Find Time for Safety?

The simple answer is you don’t. When we see health and safety management, tasks and actions (such as inspections) as an “add-on”, we’re missing the point. Safety is a behaviour, it is in your culture, and it is part of your business. Like turning on the light in the store, safety is “on” anytime your employees are present. Safety starts with people first. Often, we hear supervisors, managers and even safety professionals lamenting that there is not enough time in the day to do the pre-use inspections, monthly inspections, properly investigate an incident, or deal with a worker report of a hazard. This view of safety as an “additional task” is a serious risk to your business. Every task shoul

Distracted Driving Laws in Ontario

Effective January 1, 2019 The new Distracted Driving Laws in Ontario came into effect on January 1st. Penalties for distracted driving have now increased and we want you to be aware! When you are not focused on the road, accidents can happen…and at Dunk & Associates we love to say, “accidents are preventable”. By being distracted, you can cause an accident or be part of an accident which could have prevented if you had been paying closer attention. It goes without saying that using hand-held devices while driving is not smart – and it’s illegal. But what about other things like calming my toddler in the back seat, having a sip of my morning cup of coffee, or pressing “accept” on the incoming


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