Why Do You Care What I Do Outside of Work?

Does employee conduct outside of work really matter? YES! Many employees don’t realize that even though they are off the clock, how they behave outside of work can impact their employment. Possibly the most notorious of workplace social scenarios that can result in questionable employee behaviour is the company Christmas party. Whether it’s to recognize employees or to celebrate the end of a successful year, company parties are a host of concerns for employers. Discussed at length over the past decade, alcohol consumption and the company soiree often creates issues. Thankfully, more companies are addressing this concern by eliminating open bars and placing consumption caps to help prevent e

Legislative Updates for Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and New Brunswick

Alberta – Safety Committee Training The Government of Alberta has announced mandatory Health and Safety Committee (HSC) training for Health and Safety Representatives and Health and Safety Committee Members. This training is meant to assist Safety Reps and Committee Members in understanding their duties and responsibilities set out in the legislation. This training must be completed through an approved provider. At this point we are not aware of any due date for compliance with this new standard. An approved list of providers can be found here. Ontario – Safety Committee Certification The Government of Ontario has announced that Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification Training Part 1

Tainted Gossip: Are You a Victim or a Perpetrator?

My favourite aunt was my “seat of wisdom.” One of her memorable sayings was, “If you cannot say something nice then shut-up.” She was a feisty old lady and I miss her dearly. Are you a gossiper? True, not all gossip is tainted, but it is still gossip nonetheless. For example, “Did you hear Judy is pregnant?” This seems innocent enough to discuss. But it can be good or bad. Our society loves the negative and the chatter. But so much gossip can negatively impact your workplace and well-being. Do you know if you are a victim, a perpetrator, or both? It is easy to say, “Do not gossip”, but it is hard to practice. When passing on unnecessary, non-work information between employees, we are gossipi


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