Protecting Privileged Information

Following an accident, a company will usually carry out an investigation to determine what went wrong and why. Sometimes, the accident might constitute a violation of the OHS law that could lead to prosecution. For example, an amputation injury might be the direct result of failure to install a required machine guard. The investigation report will establish the causes, remedial actions required and what lessons can be learnt, if any. Given their purpose, accident investigation reports are often self critical, especially because their objective is to get some insight on the causes of the accident and the necessary measures to implement to prevent future occurrences. But here’s the problem: Wh

The Nasty Red Pen

You’ve been working tirelessly on the same project for the past few weeks and now it is time to turn it in. You breathe out a sigh of relief when you click the submit button to send it off for review. You feel ten pounds lighter and excited about how hard you’ve worked. For an entire day you live in sheer joy because the fruits of your labour are completed. Then you get the dreaded email back. You’ve got that nasty red pen scrawled all over your hard work and efforts. Doesn’t your colleague/employer see it like you do? Don’t they trust your expertise? Why did they hire you if they don’t have faith in your work? You feel like a failure and your confidence takes a huge dive. Let’s be honest. W

Are Your Employees Workplace Athletes?

There is a concept that our employees should be treated and act like athletes. What does this mean though? If you think about what an all-around excellent athlete is and what is required to be a good athlete, these concepts can be transferred over to our employees. Here is a list of what a workplace athlete would do: Show up fit to work. Every athlete shows up to their game ready and willing to play, every time. This includes being well rested, fueled (i.e. have eaten for the day), in proper uniform etc. Have a coach! Athletes have a coach or mentor who guides and instructs them on how to be successful and the best athlete that they can be. Workplace athletes should look to their supervisors


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