2019 WSIB Safety Group has Launched!

It has been an exciting launch to the 2019 WSIB Safety Group in Ontario! Thank you to the 350 firms who registered with our Dunk & Associates group and decided to join us, on this journey of excellence, in Health and Safety. Monthly in our newsletter we provide an update, reminders and information on the Safety Group program: We have received all action plans and have all elements approved for 2019 – well done everyone! Kristen Aumuller is your new Safety Group contact at Dunk and she can be reached at safetygroup@systems24-7.com; she is here to assist you in the program requirements. Orientation, meeting 1 and 2 recordings and presentation materials have been posted on the Safety Group port

The Job Description of a Great Employee!

No talent needed and no special training. If you can provide these 10 things then you are hired and worth more than just money! 10 Things That Require 0 Talent but Make for a Great Employee! Being on Time Work Ethic Effort Body Language Energy Attitude Passion Being Coachable Doing Extra Being Prepared Please don’t email a resume. Rush to my place of work and I will be glad to meet with you. We have been waiting for you! Signed……. Every Employer EVER!

Work. Life. Balance? No Way!

“Work. Life. Balance” is one of those cultural lies I believe has been fed into us! I do not need or want “balance” in my life because what I want is satisfaction. I want to be satisfied in my job, my home life, and my personal adventures. I have read many books, attended seminars, and listened to too many webinars on how to achieve work life balance; how to plan and succeed, knowing the boundaries of work, etc., etc., etc. What did I learn? That it’s a façade. There isn’t such a thing. It’s impossible to say that eight hours a day is my work focus, four hours is for my family, another four hours is just for me, and then eight hours just for sleep. I can tell you that if I have something out

Pass Rate on Dunk & Associates' e-Learning

A Response to your Questions Our e-learning programs are developed to meet regulatory compliance and acceptance by the Ministries of Labour across Canada. In order for the Ministry of Labour to accept e-learning training as valid and meaningful, we must demonstrate two things; one, that knowledge was transferred, and two, that the learner actually read the modules. Our tests are developed in such a way that the answers either come from the learning, or from the recall gained during the module. That is why a few of the questions require a recall of information to answer correctly. This has meant that the Ministry of Labour has repeatedly accepted our e-learning modules as a valid form of trai

Our Journey to Excellence through Ontario WSIB Safety Groups

Wow, 350 firms participating in the Dunk & Associates – Ontario WSIB Safety Groups Program in 2019! A 30% + increase from 2018 and what a journey we are taking! The WSIB is offering Employers an enticing opportunity to take a new journey towards a safer work environment. It is time for Ontario businesses to move beyond compliance and take a better path; the creation of healthy workplaces, safety of body, well-being in mental health, and the protection of property/products is what we offer in the new WSIB Excellence Program. Dunk & Associates is appreciative of the strong, energizing partnership we have with the WSIB in bringing the tools and incentives to engage Employers to manage health an


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