Maintenance of Elements for Hybrid Firms Please Read

Did your firm come back to Safety Group in 2019? Were you in SGAP in 2018 and now in Regular Safety Group in 2019? The WSIB requires all firms in the Safety Group Hybrid Program to maintain elements from previous years in 2019. To assist with this requirement, Dunk has created an activity to be completed. Attached here is an excel worksheet to record the activity on. Instructions are included on the first sheet of the document. This activity also helps you prepare for the new Health and Safety Excellence Program (HSEP) element selection in 2020. We are sending this activity now so you can plan on having it completed by November 2019 when we are evaluating our elements. This was discussed in

Negative Nelly? Debbie Downer?

Have you ever been around someone at work who was, well, a real Negative Nelly, Debbie Downer or Bummer Bob? Even worse, are you that person? Maybe this person is constantly speaking poorly of another person? Or perhaps this person struggles to see the good? They always say things like, “the weather is horrible”, “that client is a real pain in the butt”, “the traffic in was terrible”, or “I’m so sick I think I’m dying”. We could go on and on, but honestly, we’d rather not. Besides being annoying to listen to, the Negative Nelly in your company could be poisoning your corporate culture by spreading their negativity to other employees like a bad virus in flu season. Trying to shut them down, s

Are you a “Supervisor Sandwich”?

What is the “Supervisor Sandwich”? It’s that gooey place in the middle where most supervisors find themselves in their workplace human resource and safety programs. In this sandwich analogy, the employer, owner, and senior management are the bread. They write the policies, set the rules, and demand adherence to the workplace programs and systems. This is what keeps the sandwich somewhat held together into a cohesive and filling meal. Our workers are like the sandwich meat. They fill up the sandwich and are obligated by law and by company requirements to follow the polices, rules and programs. Needless to say, we want that meat to stay within the bread. So where does that leave the supervisor


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