Have a Complaint? You can help.

We are looking for complaints on our business, programs and services. Can you help? Dunk & Associates/Systems 24-7 has never been afraid of negative comments or feedback and we have never been afraid of making mistakes. This is how we have learned. There is no growth without error. Our programs grow and improve when we recognize what is wrong and “fix it”. Of course, we prefer constructive, and meaningful complaints that are based on fact and not just personal opinion, but we will take them all. When making a complaint, provide dates, times, facts, information about who you were speaking with, and what service you were using. Written complaints are most helpful so that we have all of the inf

How to Write Great Online Learning

Are you struggling to write a good e-learning program? Not sure where to start? Could you use a few tips and tricks? Look no further! Continue reading for our top seven tips on how to write great online learning that’s engaging and that your employees will actually retain! Tip #1: Know what you want to achieve before you start. Before you begin to write out your online training it’s a good idea to create a road map. For example, what topics do you need to cover? Don’t just start with the main topic. If you do this, you might start creating your training, get halfway through, and then realize you’ve totally strayed off from the point. It’s a great idea to write down the topics (agenda) that y

Claims Management 101: Four Steps to Remember if an Employee is Injured at Work

Despite everyone's best efforts, accidents can happen in any workplace. However, when an employee is injured, it is crucial to ensure the employee receives appropriate medical treatment and that the compensation claim is filed within the prescribed time limits. If you are unsure of the reporting time limits, refer to the WSIB/WCB/WorkSafe website for your province. These are the 4 main steps that can help you to manage your claims within the required reporting timeframes: 1. Plan Ahead Be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Have an Accident Reporting Policy and System in place – include reporting requirements, roles and responsibilities, the investigation procedure, Return to Work Program.


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