Announcing the Systems 24-7 Event Scheduler

How many times has your business held an event and been frustrated because you have no registration system? You have no way of tracking who’s coming, no way of validating that they have completed any kind of pre-requisite before attending, and no way to effectively communicate changes in date, time or location. Systems 24-7 has you covered. We are pleased to announce the launch of the Event Scheduler program which provides your organization with a registration system to add events, confirm attendance, print sign-in sheets, create wait lists, email registrants, create certificates, and more. Is attendance at your event limited to select individuals in your organization? With permission-based

Marijuana: It Is Only Impairment

Wow, I cannot believe the excitement, confusion, frustration and even hysteria that the legalization of marijuana has caused for employers in Canada. Everyone, including lawyers, consultants, and regulatory bodies, has been up in arms for months on what policies we need and what training we are going to do. So, let me be direct – it really is simple; it is all about impairment. No one within the workplace can be impaired while working. It really is that simple. Treat the use of recreational cannabis no differently than alcohol. If an employee is impaired at work then they will be sent home and the employer will follow the disciplinary policy. Similar to alcohol and other illegal drugs, no on

“I Object!” Now What?

Okay, you receive a workplace injury claim, and you do not agree with the injured worker. This can be costly and perhaps you disagree with the worker’s claims, or you receive a decision back from the compensation board that you don’t agree with? Now what? One of the most important parts in effective claims management is objecting to the validity of a worker’s compensation claim or board decision when you don’t agree. Never ignore it because not doing this level of due diligence can be extremely costly for your organization. In order to help you decide whether a claim was warranted, here are our top reasons why we see employers object to claims: Non-occupational vs. occupational (for example,

Knock, knock, who’s there? It’s Dunk…hide!

Knock, Knock, Knock…. “Who’s there?” “It’s Dunk & Associates” “Quick hide!” Dunk & Associates values our client relationships and those who have contracted us for professional services and supports receive our outbound calls. Some calls are monthly and some are quarterly to “check-in” on your Safety and/or Human Resource programs. Often the locations we service play hide and seek with us. They screen our calls, or when they hear it is us, think, “I don’t have time to talk today”. We understand you’re busy, however, you are missing a very valuable part of our service package. The three to four minutes to chat are needed to encourage and support your work. During our calls, we offer and provid


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