An important update regarding WHMIS

Do you have your own courses on Systems 24-7? Have you updated them online to reflect the WHMIS 2015 updates? Just a reminder, if you have your own customized courses on Systems 24-7, you need to make sure they are updated when there is a change to legislation. You can use our course developer tools to make these updates online easily and quickly. Below is a summary of the changes. If you have not already done so, please review your company specific modules to ensure the following updates have been made. WHMIS symbols have changed and need to be updated from the circle to the diamond. All reference to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) need to be changed to Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Informat

8 Easy Ways to Add Gratitude to Your Work Day

We know what the dictionary’s definition of gratitude is. We know that we should feel thankful for what we have. But how many times have you stopped today and thought, “I am grateful for this,” instead of, “Why isn’t this working?”, or “Why haven’t I been given that?” It’s common sense that we should all be thankful. But did you know it’s also GOOD for you? Here’s some of the benefits. So how do we do it? Life is busy, we don’t have time! Well, here are 8 easy ways where you can practice gratitude every day and build it into your routine at work. 1. Morning Shower You aren’t doing anything in there other than washing your hair, so why not use a minute of that time to tell yourself one thing

Why Would a White Anglo-Saxon Middle-Aged Male (heterosexual) Write about LGBTQ+?

I’m one of those people who thought – live and let live – LGBTQ+ community do what you want – it doesn’t really affect me. I have to admit I am wrong. My attitude was not inclusive – it was dismissive: Let me illustrate. A man I worked with and I were part of a group of work friends that got together on a semi regular basis for a few years. We kept in touch as we had a number of things in common. Eventually his marriage ended. He described to me a business trip and confided in me his realization, and consummation of his first sexual experience with another man. I recall thanking him at the time for having the confidence to let me know his news. He is in a stable relationship with a caring ma

5 Steps to Consider to Object to a Compensation Claim

Your workplace has decided to object to a worker’s compensation claim. Need some help? Here are the five main steps you should consider prior to submitting your objection letter. Be clear that you are objecting Use the words “I am objecting to ….” Outline that fact you are objecting in the first few lines of your letter Refer to the applicable compensation board policy All compensation decisions are guided by policy Go to the compensation website for copies of policies Quote the policy and how the claim does not meet the policy criteria, be very specific Focus on the issues and leave out your emotions State the facts and not what you think happened When you don’t know or have no evidence of


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