My Safety Program Walked Out

In most of our workplaces, we have that one person who we call our “Safety Champion”. This is the person who takes care of organizing, tracking and documenting most of the workplace safety activities. If you have this person in your workplace, that’s great, but don’t get caught in the trap of having ONLY one person know what’s going on with the safety program. We’ve seen case after case where an employee leaves the company and the safety program leaves with them. In some situations, the documentation walks right out the door with them. In others, the documentation stays, but no one else knows where to find it, doesn’t understand what to do with it, or no one gets reassigned those tasks when

You Got a Ticket or Order…Now What?

“Oh no! Everyone run! Hide! Don’t say anything! Put on your PPE and stay quiet! A provincial officer/inspector is in the workplace. If they see something, you know nothing.” Does this sound familiar? Has a provincial officer/inspector ever entered your workplace to conduct an inspection or an investigation? It can be a bit scary if you are not familiar with the process, and it can send a source of panic throughout the organization. Although sometimes stressful, their goal, ultimately, is to ensure your workplace is compliant with health and safety legislation, regulations and standards. They are also looking to ensure that the Employer is being “due diligent”, meaning that they have taken al

The New WSIB Rate Framework (For Ontario Only)

On January 1, 2020, the WSIB in Ontario will be replacing all experience-based rating programs (NEER, CAD-7 and MAP) with a new premium rate-setting model. According to the WSIB, the rationale behind this change is that the “rate framework is an innovative rate-setting structure intended to increase the transparency of the premium rate setting process tobetter align employer premium rates with actual costs of the system.” The new framework will affect both the employer classification and premium rate setting as follows: Employer Classification Adoption of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) The current system will change from 800 classifications to 34 industry classes/s

Announcing the Health & Safety Excellence program

The WSIB has now launched their Excellence program and Dunk & Associates is pleased to be an approved provider. The Excellence Program replaces all other incentive programs such as Safety Groups and Small Business Incentive, and this will now be the only opportunity for employers in Ontario to receive rebates on their annual WSIB premiums. What is the Excellence program? Simply put, it is a rebate incentive program which allows employers to earn back part of their WSIB premiums. The program meets you where you are at, by asking you to select topics to improve your health and safety program and performance. This means there is a rebate of your 2020 premiums available for the work you do in

Listening to Your Body

Have you ever heard the quote, “if you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it when it screams?” How often do you actually listen to your body? What do we mean by this? Let’s think of our bodies as cars. When you get into your car, you turn the key, and a red light lights up on your dashboard. Immediately you know something is wrong with the car. Do you ignore it, or do you get it fixed? Ultimately, if you ignore it, it’s going to be more expensive in the long run, so ideally, we make time to get it looked at. Is your body turning on red lights on your dashboard? Are you listening to them or ignoring them hoping they go away? For example, do you listen when… You feel


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