Bad Habits of Management

Today, I got a phone call and the employer on the phone said, “I have a problem. I have an employee who I must fire, and I want to know what it’s going to cost me?” Unfortunately, this call happens more often than I care to mention. My response is always the same, “Wow, what did they do?” 95% of the time it is not just one incident, but a pattern of behaviours, attitudes, and unchecked poor performance that leaves management in total frustration and at the point of wanting the employee gone. If you find yourself wanting to fire someone, you will soon learn that it is often the bad habits of management that are your roadblock, and what makes this action so costly. To protect yourself from a p

Terminating an Employee the Humane Way

Whatever the reason to terminate an employee, the process is often emotionally charged and difficult on a human level. However, it is possible to minimize the damage to the employee's self-esteem. The employee’s dignity must be respected and protected. The employer must ensure that the employee does not feel judged or attacked in their integrity and he has an obligation to do so with respect and empathy. No matter how many years of experience a manager has, announcing to an employee that he is fired is always difficult. As for the employee, it is a hard blow that can generate different reactions such as shock, distress or even verbal or physical violence. It is necessary to be adequately pre

Where were you in January of 2000? A Message from the Desk of Nancy Dunk

There was so much panic, excitement and speculation about the year 2000 and it brought concerns of “will our computers fail”, “will our systems crash”, and “will the world end”? For me, it was about a new way of life and a new adventure! It was the first full year of operations of Dunk & Associates. Yes, 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of my company and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all of you and the journey we have had together. Over the past 20 years my children have worked in the business, we have faced the death of loved ones, we have seen illnesses, managed the SARs outbreak, and witnessed government changes and economic struggles. When we first began, WSIB Safety Group in Ontari


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