About the Coronavirus

This post contains information, resources, posters, and links for credible sources of information that employers can use to assist with the understanding and controls for the Coronavirus. We have also assembled this into a resource package for you to use and share in your workplace. Click here for English | Click here for French With the news about the Coronavirus, Dunk & Associates wants to remind everyone of the importance of communication and controls when it comes to the health and safety of our workplaces. Employers need to ensure that they are keeping employees informed about precautions and what is going on, to avoid panic and the potential spread of the virus. That being said, we n

Do you have a Monkey Mind?

A few months ago, we read a great article on “Calming Your Monkey Mind”. Click here if you want to read it too. As employers, it’s an interesting concept. A monkey mind is exactly what it sounds like. Monkeys jump from tree to tree, are energetic and often unpredictable. Rather like a monkey, our minds can operate in this way too. How often do you set your mind to complete a task, only for it to move relentlessly to the thousand other things that are on your plate? Some of us can even become addicted to the chaos, only thriving in times of high-stress, until we reach our breaking point. “Multi-tasking” as some would call it, is not always productive – it can often mean starting and never com

Escape the Workplace

Imagine that you’re in a dark room filled with random knickknacks and strange pictures on the walls. In the corner of the room, piled neatly on a small table is a stack of open boxes filled with a variety of objects; coloured books, numbered building blocks, and a jumbled-up puzzle. You turn to leave and find your path blocked by a door with a large padlock on it. In the palm of your hand you can feel the sharp bite of a key. The key that will release you. You insert the key, turn it, and the lock clicks open. Behind you, you hear a sound…It’s the sound of the rest of your office cheering that you all escaped with 5 minutes to spare! Escape Rooms; they’re exactly what the name implies. Locke


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