4-day work week!

Well, it is all the talk in the HR and Safety world! Should employers embrace or at least think about a 4-day work week? What about employees; is this something they are asking for? Let’s face it North Americans are workaholics! When businesses gave up the Wednesday afternoon and Sunday closures, the impact was huge. Some of you are saying; wow, how old are you? What would happen if we all worked 4 days a week? I am not a proponent of a 10-hour workday. I think a 9-hour workday with a 30-minute unpaid lunch and two 15-minute breaks works with no changes in wages, but instead a shorter work week. This means employees work 34 hours a week and physically at work for 36 hours in a week. I believ

Be Aware of Dangerous Social Media Challenges

As someone who is on social media everyday it has been hard to ignore all these “challenges” that keep popping up everywhere. Unfortunately, the challenges I am talking about are nothing to be proud of. These challenges have been causing injuries, sicknesses, and for some even death, but still people (mostly teens) are participating and making these challenges become viral. Don’t get me wrong, Facebook and Instagram have been trying to remove any content that involves these dangerous challenges to reduce the risk of anyone else participating and getting hurt. However, they cannot always keep up with how fast some of these challenges are taking off. If you are reading this, you probably are t


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