Working From Home: Virtual Worker Package

With Covid-19 and social distancing, many of us are now working from home. This in itself can create some unique safety challenges. At Dunk & Associates, we have been practicing virtual work for the past five years, and are happy to announce that we are now 100% virtual. We would be happy to share a few resources with you to help keep you safe at home. Click the links below to download some of our virtual/working from home resources. We have placed them in word so you can feel free to edit and use as you wish. Virtual Employee Monthly Workplace Inspection Checklist Virtual Employee Monthly Inspection Report Office Ergonomics Assessment Office Ergonomics Safety Talk

Should you Allow Cellphones at Work?

Are you constantly telling your employees to put their cell phones away? Cell phone use by employees on work time has the potential to impact your bottom line through poor customer service and a decrease in productivity. Not to mention the disruptions from loud ringtones and personal conversations, which can frustrate other employees as well as your customers. In this age of endless connectivity, most people use their personal cellphones occasionally at work, while on the other hand, they can recall a time when they’ve waited to be served by someone distracted by their phone. So, where does the balance lie for employers who must weigh safety and customer service concerns, but also want to cr

They touched my BUTT!

Unbelievable, in this day and age, how many calls we get, at Dunk & Associate, from our retail clients and they tell us one of their good customers keeps touching and grabbing their employees. Oh, it is not just the “dirty old men”, the demographic spans all ages and genders. It is hard to believe in 2020 that this is still happening and the responses we get. Employees tell us: “oh, they are harmless, just goofing.” “I don’t really mind, I guess I am flirting.” “They are a paying customer, what can I do?” “I told them no, but because I reacted, they now think it’s a joke. If I ignore it, maybe it will stop.” Employers comment: “I don’t like it, but how do I handle this?” “It is just too unco


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