I Need a Sit – to – Stand Desk to Save my Back!

Sit-to-stand desks are becoming more and more popular in office and home work spaces. I think this is because we’ve correlated sitting as the new smoking addiction. Yes, sitting for prolonged periods of time is bad for your back, and your body overall, but so is standing for prolonged periods of time, or sitting on an exercise ball. If you are having back troubles from sitting all day, standing may not be the best option. Before you splurge on that fancy sit to stand desk, why not try these options or solutions first. Complete a Ergonomic Assessment of your desk. Make sure everything is set up properly, or the best for ergonomic design. We’ve included one with this article for you to use. So

From the Desk of Nancy Dunk: Reflections on COVID-19

I clearly remember where I was and what I was doing on 9/11. The world changed after 9/11; including security and how we travel. I wonder, as we learn to live with the threat of COVID-19, for whatever period of time it takes, what will be the lasting change? Will facial coverings become a standard piece of attire? Will proper hand washing/sanitization be taught in our schools and enforced in all places? Will physical distancing be the norm for high risk populations? Now has become a time to really reflect on who we are. Did you indulge in distractions over the pandemic or did you take this time to ponder? Are we finding new forms of escapism, such as binge watching movies/shows, eating emoti

The Virtue of Politeness and Kindness

The Cambridge dictionary defines “politeness” as “behaviour that is socially correct and shows understanding of and care for other people's feelings” and kindness as “the quality of being kind.” We Canadians have a justly deserved reputation as being an exceptionally kind and polite nation. Our kindness and politeness are an endless source of amusement for comedians, and all kidding aside, it is envied worldwide. However, we need to keeping working to keep our noble reputation. Today we are seeing turmoil (such as COVID-19) negatively influencing our behaviour. I have observed that people are not as kind and polite as they used to be, and this has me concerned. Just think back to how good yo

Evidence Collection for the Excellence program

One of the main components of the Excellence Program is evidence submission. While we’ve recently learned how to upload evidence to the WSIB Excellence Portal, let’s take a moment to think about the types of evidence you can start collecting while you work through your topics in the Excellence program. The WSIB has outlined four guiding principles for the collection and use of topic evidence. Ensure the evidence you are submitting demonstrates how this topic is making your workplace safer. Your goal is to demonstrate that your steps of implementation, has resulted in the topic now “living and breathing” in your workplace. Use multiple forms of evidence. This includes, but is not limited to,


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