Evidence Deadline Extended for the Excellence program

Good news! In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the WSIB has extended the deadline for the first rebate run of the 2020 Excellence Program! What does this mean for you? If you have finished implementing your topics, collected your evidence, and are in the process of writing your Evidence Story & Upload templates, you may qualify for the first rebate run in November 2020. The WSIB has extended the deadline for submission from August 1st 2020 to August 28th 2020. Remember, Dunk needs time to review your submissions and allow time for edits to your work before it is submitted to the WSIB. If you want to receive this first rebate run, ensure you submit your evidence (story, upload, and pieces) wel

How Hot Is Too Hot?

Have you ever wondered why there is no specific legislation covering maximum workplace temperatures? The simple answer is that no one temperature would sufficiently cover all workplaces. For example, some industries such as foundries and bakeries, through their work processes, naturally generate hot temperatures. However, with proper heat stress programs in place, work can be safely carried out at these high temperatures. Governmental bodies recommend the employers follow the guidelines as set out by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH). The goal of these guidelines is to safeguard the worker’s core body temperature, so it does not exceed 38.0°C as if the cor

Challenges of being a virtual worker

There is a difference between being left alone to focus and complete your work and being isolated. I am a virtual worker, and I struggle with this position every day. Working alone isn’t for everyone, so how can you survive as a virtual worker if you feel like you don’t fit in? Let’s explore some solutions to keep you valuable, productive, and happy. What are your options for interacting with others? ​ Can you video chat instead of just audio chat? Can you work at a co-worker’s house for a collaborate project? The weather’s nice, maybe you could sit outside for a socially distanced work lunch. When I became a virtual worker some of the biggest differences for me were in my daily routine. I n

Interviews as Evidence

The WSIB validators are looking for pieces of evidence that prove the topics are living and breathing in the workplace. They want to hear from employees themselves that the topic has been entrenched. How are you going to do this? How can you prove to the WSIB the topics are understood and working at your business? Interviews! Provide the WSIB with a firsthand account of the topic implementation from the perspective of the worker. Tips for Interviews in the Excellence program: Prepare the questions before the interview.Review the Topic Requirement Guide when preparing your questions. Ask open ended questions. To prove your topics are living and breathing, you aren’t going to be looking for y

New Features and Updates to Systems 24-7

Systems 24-7 is a business management platform owned and developed by Dunk & Associates, right here in Ontario, Canada. We are proud to say that we have created a close-knit community with our clients, where we are constantly listening to your wants and needs as business owners/managers. Systems 24-7 is designed with one goal in mind, to make managing your business programs (like health and safety) easier and more affordable. In the last quarter, we have released the following new features and updates to Systems 24-7. Continue reading below for a complete list. New and Updated Features Below is a list of all our newly developed or updated features. For more information or to book a demonstra


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