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Symbol & Wordmark

The Dunk & Associates signature is designed for use by our Corporate Office. It is composed of three separate elements.

  1. Our company name ‘Dunk & Associates Inc.’ 

  2. Our suite of products name ‘Systems 24-7’ 

  3. Our pictogram clock symbol

These elements are always to be used together, on all Dunk & Associates corporate communications from Head Office. The elements must not be separated or displayed alone.


The full-colour version of the Dunk & Associates corporate logo is expressed using 10 colours: 

  1. Dunk & Associates, Systems, Clock hands – Black 

  2. 24-7 – Yellow/Orange 

  3. Shapes of Clock – Orange, Purple, Green, Teal, Red, Yellow, Dark Blue, Blue 

These colours must be used consistently across all internal and external communications. When applying the logo to all types of paper and materials, as well as web and broadcast media, please ensure all colours have accurately been reproduced. Access our full colour palette guide.

Colour Options

The Dunk & Associates corporate logo can only be reproduced in three versions: 

  • Full Colour: This is the preferred choice, to be used whenever possible and always on full-colour creative, across all media 

  • 1 Colour: For light-coloured busy and distracting backgrounds, the complete logo must be in black only 

  • 1 Colour Reverse: For dark-coloured busy and distracting backgrounds, the complete logo must be in white only

Clear Space

Wherever it appears, clear space must be maintained around the Dunk & Associates corporate logo, so that it visually stands out and is kept free of any other text, graphic element or other visual distractions.  

Please ensure a minimum of 1X clear space is maintained around the logo, where X is the height of the '7'. Leaving more clear space than this is also acceptable. Always leave at least this distance between the logo and the edge of the page, sign, envelope, or any other medium where it appears.

Size Requirements

Regardless of the manner in which the logo is reproduced, the Dunk & Associates corporate logo must maintain its legibility and integrity. When reproducing the logo in print, broadcast, web or embroidered applications, ensure minimum size standards are not compromised.

In order to maintain legibility in print, the minimum logo size cannot be less than 0.6” in height. 

For web applications, the minimum size for use of the logo is 44 pixels in height.

For broadcast applications, a minimum logo size cannot be less than 26 scan lines.

When embroidering the Dunk & Associates corporate logo onto clothing or accessories, the minimum size to maintain legibility is 0.433” (1.1 cm) in height. In order to maintain the legibility of the corporate logo when reproduced in embroidery, we suggest asking the vendor to optimize thread count.

Unacceptable Applications

The Dunk & Associates corporate logo has been carefully crafted and considered for adaptation across a broad range of applications. Its creation was a significant investment and its proper use in the marketplace builds important brand recognition.

It is the primary way of identifying who we are and it is important to keep the logos integrity at all times. As such, it should be used as per the direction of the Identity Guide and must be applied consistently from application to application. If you do not have the proper logo artwork, please go to the download area.

The examples shown here are NOT acceptable.


Use caution not to change the proportion of the logo.

Enclosing in a Shape

Don't enclose the logo in any shape other than the original shape.


Changing Colours

Don't change the colours of the logo.


Graphic Filters

Do not use any graphic filters or stylized effects on the logo.

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