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Ontario JHSC Certification Training

Dunk & Associates is an approved provider by Ontario’s Chief Prevention Officer.

Part 1 Distance Learning

Dunk & Associates is proud to deliver CPO-approved Part 1 Training in three different delivery formats, including distance learning.


Part 1 Training helps organizations provide basic training to workplace health and safety representatives and fulfill their legal requirements. Dunk & Associates’ Part 1 meets and exceeds the minimum standards set out by the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development (MLITSD) and is applicable to any workplace in Ontario, regardless of sector.


In this training, participants receive a full understanding of occupational health and safety legislation, including rights and responsibilities of the workplace parties and certified representatives, in particular. Equally important, participants learn how to identify, assess, control, and eliminate workplace hazards.


Dunk & Associates' Certification Part 1 is composed of six (6) learning modules and a final evaluation.

  1. Module 1: Foundational Knowledge

  2. Module 2: Safety Committees and How They Work

  3. Module 3: Hazards and Your Health

  4. Module 4: Workplace Inspections

  5. Module 5: Dealing with Hazards

  6. Module 6: Reporting and Investigations

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About Part 1 Distance Learning

A schedule of available distance sessions is posted under the training schedule. We do require at least 6 learners in each session, to a maximum of 25.


Please be aware that if you register for a Part 1 session via distance or in-class, you are committed to attending it. Missing a registered webinar will require a $75 administration fee to reschedule. Because numbers are limited, not attending a session takes away the ability for another learner to attend. If you need to cancel, please contact Dunk & Associates within 2 business days of the scheduled session.

Our instructors will lead and guide participants through the learning outcomes. We include discussions, pop quizzes, activities, legislation look-ups, and more. Participants are asked to share stories, experiences and participate in discussions.


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