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Our SOP Library Has Been Updated!

We wanted to share this exciting news with you. For over a year we have been working on reviewing, updating, and adding to our Safe Operating Procedure (SOP) Library. We now have over 400 SOPs available for our clients to use!

SOPs are an important tool in promoting workplace safety. These documents are designed to provide specific safety information on equipment and processes in your workplace. They include important warnings, required PPE, information regarding hazard and injury potential, safety precautions, pre-use inspection requirements, identification of energy sources, the process to complete the work safely, steps for lockout of equipment, what to do in case of an emergency, and preventative maintenance requirements for equipment.

SOPs help to provide clarity and consistency to employees for how to operate equipment and complete tasks safely. When instructions are written down clearly in a step-by-step format, it can eliminate a lot of questions and confusion about the process and help build employee understanding, as well as confidence. SOPs are also meant to be used as practical training for employees. This means that once employees have received theory training (read and learn style, including e-learning), then they can complete practical training where a supervisor/manager or designated trainer reviews and demonstrates the SOPs with employees. The employee then demonstrates back what they have learned about how to safely use the piece of equipment/complete the process according to the SOP. It is also important to ensure records are kept for practical training which is why each SOP comes with an employee sign off sheet. Also, on Systems 24-7, you have the ability for employees to sign off on the SOPs electronically right on the system. This way you can pull reports to see who has completed the sign off and who is still outstanding.

All high rated hazards in your workplace should have an SOP. It is also recommended that you have an SOP for each piece of equipment that employees may use. Attached is the list of SOPs in our library along with a description of each. This list is in an excel spreadsheet to make it easier for you to highlight, modify or sort. If you would like any of these SOPs added to your library online, please send us the list of what you would like, and we will work to have it added to your 24-7 site. Not a private client with Dunk & Associates? Contact us to find out more about our Safety 24-7 program.

Please note: Currently, the SOPs are only available in English. If you need any SOP in French, please let us know and we can have them translated. A fee for translations may be applied.


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