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Technology is rapidly changing. What is your organization doing to keep up? Like many, you’re probably not ahead of the curve, so what does your company need to be safe online in the here and now? Protection of information and data security is essential. One leak of information can result in substantial financial risks and a huge loss in trust and reputation. Believe it or not, your first line of defense is employee behaviour; teaching employees how to be safe online. Let us help you. We’ll provide you with the tools and information you need to build a culture within your workplace where employees understand the risks and know when to delete/block something suspicious.

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Cyber criminals get smarter every day. One common attack is through email phishing. A phishing email tricks you into providing information by posing as a legitimate organization. How much do your employees know about email phishing? Our phishing simulation uses convincing emails, to phish for information. Don’t worry, nothing is collected, and these emails are 100% safe. After a campaign, we provide detailed reports on how many emails were sent, who opened the email, who deleted it, and who fell for the scheme and leaked private information, such as their login credentials. Phishing simulation protects your business by helping to stop the potentially-devastating attacks. Paired with our online training and compliance packages, this is a great tool to continuously test and reinforce the importance of online skepticism.



Through our Systems 24-7 Program, Dunk & Associates Inc. provides your organization with access to our bank of online technology courses. Courses cover a variety of topics such as Cyber Security Basics, Understanding Computer Hardware, Drone Awareness, and more. All courses are written by qualified professionals and include interactive activities to keep the content fun and engaging.

Want to see our list of available courses? Click here.



We don’t believe in giving you a service and saying goodbye. Dunk & Associates Inc. offers a quarterly Compliance Package program.


Making sure online safety and data security is built into your workplace culture is a hard task. Our Compliance Package program is designed to provide you with the tools and resources you need to be successful and entrench the program into every part of your business.

Each quarter we provide a topic-specific package, such as Password Safety. This package consists of activities to conduct in your workplace to reinforce the message and goals of the program. Packages build onto each other, so you’re continuously reinforcing the information. We provide you with instructions, give you templates, and provide you with plenty of ideas to get your workplace engaged.



Dunk & Associates Inc. has a large bank of posters in a variety of technology-related topics. We don’t want to toot our own horn – but they are pretty good. With graphic designers on staff, we like creating powerful visuals for your company. Print our posters, post them, and share them!



In 2021, data breaches have been making headlines across the world. Cyber security is becoming one of the biggest risks to organizations.


At Dunk & Associates/Systems 24-7, we do everything we can to protect your data and ensure your information is secure with us. We are pleased to now offer Dark Web Monitoring for your organization.


What is dark web monitoring? Dark Web Monitoring is a service which regularly searches the dark web where information is traded and sold by cyber criminals. Dunk & Associates can conduct preemptive searches on the dark web to ensure that your data (such as emails, credentials and other personal information) is not compromised and not being targeted.



Dunk & Associates hosts a variety of webinars each year. By using our services, we provide you with complimentary access to our monthly webinars that cover various technology-related topics.

During the webinar, you have a chance to interact, contribute and ask questions. All webinars are recorded and made available for download for later reference or sharing.

See our list of scheduled webinars here.

We can also offer customized webinars specifically for your workplace for a small fee. Contact us for additional details.



Clients receive both our monthly e-newsletter and monthly technology updates newsletter. These communications are focused on providing resources and articles that can be applied in the workplace and at home. They also inform you of any updates to the Systems 24-7 platform and any scheduled maintenance.

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