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Because we make it easy!



Because we make it easy! Systems 24-7 is more than just a Learning Management System (LMS). It is a whole employee management portal designed to engage workers, communicate with managers/supervisors, uncover areas of weakness and provide your higher-ups with real reportable metrics on your businesses successes and achievements.


In addition, we don’t believe that supporting your programs should cost an arm and a leg. We know that one of the biggest reasons businesses don’t reach out for help is simply because they cannot afford to. Systems 24-7 is one of the most affordable products on the market. Why? Because we believe in sharing! We share policies, training, best practices, and more. If we see something we can share – we do. No third grade “mine, mine, mine” mentality over here. Plus, part of each subscription goes towards further development of the program. This means that we are able to continue building the program and release any cool new features to you, as they become available.

At the end of the day, we know that managing your safety, human resources and wellness programs takes a lot of work. Systems 24-7 provides the tools, support and resources you need, all from one affordable web-based application. Free up some of your time, let us do some of the work for you, and reap these benefits.


Check out some of the cool things that Systems 24-7 can do.

We help with the unfamiliar such as handling claims or writing policies.
We share policies, training, best practices, and much more to benefit our clients.

"Safety is our #1 priority. Systems 24-7 has not only saved us many hours of work, but it also allows us, as a multi-branch business, to ensure our branches are staying up to date with their health and safety program and training. This program also allows us to deliver consistent messages and training throughout our organization. We couldn’t be happier with the program and would highly recommend to anybody who is looking to take their Safety Program to the next level."

- TireCraft, Ontario

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