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Our Team

Trailblazers in Occupational Health & Safety and HR programs.

It takes a lot of hats.

At Dunk, it takes a lot of different skill sets to keep this well-oiled machine running. Our team is comprised of qualified professionals, support services representatives, programmers, software developers, claims support associates, graphic designers, and adult educators.


We are a unique team joined together with one goal in mind – to give you the best support you need to run your business safely, effectively, and successfully. Because your success is our success.

Variety of team members working for Dunk & Associates
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Join the crew.

Every single of one our staff members is passionate about what they do. Dunk requires the best so we can be the best. If you are passionate, dedicated, loyal, and fiercely independent then this is the right career for you.


There are currently no postings available.


Won't take no for an answer?

Send us your resume so we can see those skills. Maybe we'll think twice.

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