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Soft Skills Shortage

One of the greatest challenges in 2023 was recruitment and retention. But is it the soft skill

shortage that is causing the most harm? We have generations of employees now who do not know how to communicate effectively, have no idea how to performance manage, and/or discipline without getting harassment complaints. What happened?

For the most part, we were so focused on building businesses, surviving COVID, and facing the ever-changing cultural environment that we overlooked core skills. It’s time to refocus our efforts on creating better people and that will give us the foundation for productivity, survival, and most importantly satisfaction in the workplace.

Some of the soft skills we suggest you look at investing in and learning are:
  • Creating team players

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Growth mindset

  • Time management

  • Creativity

  • Leading effectively

  • Communication

  • Managing for success

There are a variety of companies, programs, and educational facilities for this type of learning but what do you need from Dunk & Associates? Are there courses you are interested in? Should we be focusing more on soft skill training for you, our valued client? Let us know. Send an email to and share your thoughts, needs, and wants.

Want a more personal conversation? Jackie, our Director would love to hear from you!
Give her a call and let’s chat about what you need at 1-866-754-8839!

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