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Add-on Features for The Hub.

For businesses that want to do more.

Report It

Report It is an online form builder with extreme flexibility. It’s easy to use, share, and track and it lives right on your Systems 24-7 platform. The best part, all the data that is collected can be reported on to track performance indicators and trends. No more gathering paperwork!


Report It gives your company the ability to create online forms and reports to track any information, such as workplace inspections, accident/incident reports, requests for accommodation, disciplinary actions and more. You can even add your own processes, where specific questions or pages are assigned to different members within your organization.

Sample inspection form for report it feature
Digital dashboard in use by an employee
Employee Standards in Ontario poster
Sample form open on digital board

Digital Boards

Revitalize your workplace's health and safety practices by seamlessly transitioning to the cutting-edge digital boards offered by Systems 24-7! Integrated directly into the Systems 24-7 program, these digital boards ensure that all mandatory postings, including policies, inspections, required posters, assessments/surveys, committee minutes, and more, are readily available in your workplace.    


Display your location-based health and safety board on any device, offering employees 24/7 access through their own Systems 24-7 accounts. The convenience extends further as separate digital boards can be configured for various programs such as HR news and updates, organizational events, and more.


Explore the versatility of the digital board feature and unlock its potential for your unique needs. Curious about innovative ways to leverage this feature? Reach out to us for personalized ideas and insights!  

Event Scheduler

Navigating the coordination of classroom training, workplace inspections, monthly meetings, and other events can pose significant challenges. The event scheduler within our portal is designed to streamline this process, offering you the capability to schedule events, manage registrations, and confirm attendance effortlessly. Administrators can print attendance sheets, upload sign-in records, monitor attendance, send emails to participants, generate certificates, and generate completion reports.


To further simplify the management of external training or events, event administrators can create custom administrators. This feature enables third-party providers to independently confirm attendance, allowing you to take a more hands-off approach when organizing and overseeing external training initiatives. With our event scheduler, organizing and managing diverse events becomes a seamless and efficient experience.

Calendar for event scheduler feature
Calendar for employee scheduler feature

Employee Scheduler

Empower managers with our cutting-edge employee scheduler, offering the convenience of crafting shift schedules effortlessly online. Enhance communication with employees through email notifications, prompting them when a new schedule is ready and offering a convenient platform for requesting time off or vacation days. Managers can personalize approval time parameters and effortlessly generate insightful reports on shifts, days off, total hours worked, and more, ensuring seamless and efficient workforce management.

Preventative Maintenance

Revitalize your workplace maintenance with our Preventative Maintenance program, designed to seamlessly assign, schedule, and monitor maintenance activities. This user-friendly program empowers individuals to access their upcoming maintenance tasks, keep tabs on completed tasks, and promptly notify third-party providers or contractors when scheduled maintenance is imminent. Employing a sophisticated email communication system, our program ensures no maintenance requirements go unnoticed, facilitating timely responses and efficient resolutions through systematic escalations. Elevate your maintenance strategy with a proactive and streamlined approach.

Scheduling maintenance on a broken ladder
New hire orientation in the all-in-one feature
Reporting on Systems 24-7 data


Introducing the All-in-One feature, a helpful tool to allow your organization to group various tasks or training courses seamlessly within a single, user-friendly page. This feature is designed for optimal ease and clarity, providing users with a clear overview of the tasks requiring completion. Whether it's training, policies, forms, or any other system item, you can effortlessly group them into a comprehensive chart. Users can efficiently navigate through each item, completing them with a simple click. This proves particularly invaluable for streamlined processes like Employee Orientation, where multiple tasks need to be accomplished before the commencement of the first scheduled shift or within the initial week of training. With a simple online report, you can quickly view where employees are in their progress toward these set requirements.

SDS Catalogue

Revolutionize your safety data sheet (SDS) management with our comprehensive solution, seamlessly integrating database access with user-friendly inventory management and data sheet deployment tools. Experience a more cost-effective approach to compliance, addressing OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), Canada’s Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) requirements, the European Commission’s REACH regulation, and the latest elements of the United Nations' Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). Our online solution establishes a streamlined safety data sheet management system, ensuring rapid access to information for your employees and allowing your company to prioritize safety with ease.

Safety data sheet for bathroom cleaner product
Custom pages for job postings, staff directory, and organizational chart

Custom Pages

Embrace the uniqueness of your company by making the system truly yours. Our platform goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach, offering you a tool to add and customize additional pages tailored to your brand. Personalize existing pages, including the login or help pages, or introduce entirely new, company-specific pages (such as organization charts, call directories, etc.) – the possibilities are limitless. Your program should reflect the distinct identity of your company, and with our customization options, you have the creative freedom to make it happen. Elevate your user experience by shaping the system to align seamlessly with your company's individuality.

Additional Domains

Additional Domains

Does your organization have multiple banners or do you operate your services in multiple languages? Systems 24-7 can allow your organization to have custom themes and domains to support this.

For example, English users can be pointed to a strictly English site and French users can be pointed to a strictly French site. Employees working in different banners of a parent company can also use a site themed and designed specifically for that banner.

Dashboard branded to clients brand

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