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4 Day Work Week

In the spring of 2020, Dunk & Associates moved to a 4-day work week. For those who preferred, we offered a 5-day work week with shorter days. We wanted to share with you our employee feedback on our work options. Many countries and provinces have been considering the options for shortened work weeks. If you are considering this as an option for you business, here’s why you should do it (if it makes business sense for you). Below are comments from our own staff regarding their work options.

“I am a mom, so while a 4 day work week worked well when my child was younger, it wasn’t as helpful when my child started school. Rather than the 4-day work week, I selected to work a 5-day work week, with shorter days. This has been amazing for our family; I am able to get my child on the bus every morning and off the bus every afternoon. Because my days end earlier, I have time to enjoy the local parks, prepare a healthy dinner for our family, and spend time being a parent. I’ve often heard other say, “I can’t be a good employee and a good parent at the same time.” My work situation allows me to balance both and feel like I am putting in 100% effort at both roles.”

“I have been loving the 4-day work week, it’s been so helpful arranging appointments, getting to go places that would normally be busy on a weekend, or just getting a long weekend to relax and disconnect from work helping me with a more balanced work-life, that I didn’t have before. I also find I get more done at work since I know my week is shorter so I am more focused. ”

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