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Add-on Services or a-la-carte Supports

Sometimes we just need a little extra help.

Claims Review and Management

Claims can be a stressful process to go through for all parties involved. We have staff who specialize in this department and can provide options, advice, and direction to handle any claim. We will walk you every step of the way – from the initial reporting stage to the safe and early return to work. Hire a pro and alleviate some of the stress.

Claims review and management for extra assistance
French support and translations

French Translations and Support

Allow our team to assist with translating content for your French-speaking employees. We can even offer a French-speaking support person to help with any questions or tech support.

GAP Analysis of Existing Programs

It can be a challenge to know exactly what you need to be compliant. Let our professionals take the guess work out of it for you. We will review your program and identify areas of weakness and any pieces that are missing. Following this analysis, we can assist you in building the necessary policies, processes or training to keep you compliant.

GAP analysis of existing programs
Custom webinars and training

Custom Webinars or Training

Need to be shown in person how to do an accident/incident investigation or workplace inspection? Or maybe you want to avoid the extra expense and do a custom webinar session? We all get value from a little one-on-one support. Allow our professionals to host a webinar or training session for your organization.

eLearning Course Development

Let us do the work for you. Our professionals have adult education training and can write a course specific to your workplace. We check all the boxes. Want to take it a step further? Have our Graphic Design team upload the course for you and add their magic touch.

eLearning course development by our team
Hazard assessment development for your workplace

Hazard Assessment Development

We will send one of our professionals to your workplace where they can complete and develop a hazard assessment specific to your organization. Hazard assessments are completed by department or work area.

On-site Visits

Hands-on learning when you need it. We will send an experienced and knowledgeable professional to your workplace to perform the necessary on-site training. Training will be documented and recorded, to ensure your legal compliance. Travel and accommodation (if applicable) are an additional fee.

Onsite visits and training for extra assistance
Programming development for new features and other services

Programming Development

Need to borrow our tech team? We’re willing to share. When it comes to developing new features to help our clients, we are all ears. We will do what we can to make The Hub your one-stop shop for your organization.

3rd Party Investigation

If you’ve had a situation in the workplace, such as harassment, and require a third party to investigate, our skilled professionals are available to assist.

Third party investigations for claims, incidents, or accidents

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