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September 2023

Issue 108


June 2023

Issue 105


March 2023

Issue 102


August 2023

Issue 107


May 2023

Issue 104


February 2023

Issue 101


July 2023

Issue 106


April 2023

Issue 103


January 2023

Issue 100

Previous Issues

December 2022, Issue 99   EN | FR


Article: "Successes in 2022"; "Nancy's Retirement"; "Cold Stress Recommendations", 2023 Newsletters, New Course: MSD & Me: Coming Soon!, Respect in the Workplace

November 2022, Issue 98   EN | FR


Article: "Fraud Alert"; "Walk Like a Cat to Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls"; "New Course: Communicable Diseases"

October 2022, Issue 97   EN | FR


Article: "Queen Elizabeth II Living a Life of Servant Leadership"; "Overview of Important Recent Legislation Updates"; Watch Work WELLness Fitness Event Video

September 2022, Issue 96   EN | FR


Article: "Work WELLness Fitness Event"; "Overview of Important Recent Legislation Updates"

August 2022, Issue 95   EN | FR


Article: "JHSC Certification Part 1 via eLearning"; "Why is Safety Important?"; "Work WELLness Fitness Event"; "Overview of Important Recent Legislation Updates"

July 2022, Issue 94   EN | FR


Article: "Work WELLness Fitness Event"; Engaging with your Employees Online"; "Overview of Important Recent Legislation Updates"

June 2022, Issue 93   EN | FR


Article: "Safety Pays Small Business in Ontario!"; "Changing Your Habits"; "Validating a Hire"

May 2022, Issue 92   EN | FR


Article: "Tips for Writing Effective eLearning Content"; "Good Instead of Tolerance"

April 2022, Issue 91   EN | FR


Article: "Let's Build Up Not Tear Down"; "I'd Like to Introduce Myself"

March 2022, Issue 90   EN | FR


Article: "Where to Start in Building a Safety Program"; "What is Truth in Your Workplace?"

February 2022, Issue 89   EN | FR


Article: "Policy Reviews and Revisions – Do you need them?"; "Who is gaslighting your employees?"; Our SOP Library Has Been Updated!"

January 2022, Issue 88   EN | FR


Article: "Did you hear?"

December 2021, Issue 87   EN | FR


Articles: "Is That Information Correct?"; "Jewellery in the Workplace - Men this is for you too"

November 2021, Issue 86   EN | FR


Articles: "“I’ll be Home for Christmas”…again"; "Are People Too Sensitive? Or are we Becoming Too Insensitive?"

October 2021, Issue 85   EN | FR


Articles: "The Lunchroom Phantom"; "How May I Help You?"

September 2021, Issue 84   EN | FR


Articles: "Adventure is Out There"; "The Value of the Commute to Work"

August 2021, Issue 83   EN | FR


Articles: "Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft"; "The Ripple Effect"

July 2021, Issue 82   EN | FR


Articles: "Helping Employees with Professional Development"; "I Am Not Spontaneous"

June 2021, Issue 81   EN | FR


Articles: "How Much Time do you Spend on Your Phone?"; "The Art of Recruitment"

May 2021, Issue 80   EN | FR


Articles: "Dealing with Discipline"; "Emergency Aftercare"

April 2021, Issue 79   EN | FR


Articles: "Cancel Culture"; "The 'Mini' Rosetta Stone of Health and Safety"

March 2021, Issue 78   EN | FR


Articles: "We Are All in this Together"; "Tidy up Your Computer"

February 2021, Issue 77   EN | FR


Articles: "Motivation"; "Let's Talk About Emotional Support Animals"

January 2021, Issue 76   EN | FR


Articles: "From the Desk of Nancy Dunk: 2021 A Bright New Year?"; "We are all in This Together"; "Write it for the Workers" 

December 2020, Issue 75   EN | FR


Articles: "Take Concussions Seriously"; "What's in it for Me?" 

November 2020, Issue 74   EN | FR


Articles: "Preparing for 2021 with Dunk & Associates"; "Speed Leads to Productivity!" ; "Less is More - Using Technology to Increase Efficiency"

October 2020, Issue 73   EN | FR


Articles: "COVID-19 vs Cold & Flu"; "WSIB Excellence program Enroll or Re-Enroll to Receive Special Reduced Pricing"; "Why We Do Surveys"

September 2020, Issue 72   EN | FR


Articles: "Email Security Tips for Employees"; "Be a Bartender"

August 2020, Issue 71   EN | FR


Articles: "How hot is too hot?"; "Challenges of being a virtual worker"; "New Features and Updates to Systems 24-7"

July 2020, Issue 70   EN | FR


Articles: "NOTICE FOR ONTARIO WORKPLACES: Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD) COVID-19 Inspections"; "Work-at-Home Ground Rules to Boost Your Productivity"; "Living with an Impairment During COVID-19 – A Personal Perspective"; "You Have a COVID-19 Case! Best Practices for Employers to Manage Reports of Suspected Cases and Outbreaks"; "What a Great Time To Enjoy Life: Indigenous Cultures and Nature"

June 2020, Issue 69   EN | FR


Articles: "I Need a Sit - to - Stand Desk to Save my Back!"; "From the Desk of Nancy Dunk: Reflections on COVID-19"; "The Virtue of Politeness and Kindness"

May 2020, Issue 68   EN | FR


Articles: "What COVID-19 Has Taught Me..."; "Canadian Quick Links and Resources in COVID-19"; "New Features and Updates to Systems 24-7"; "Keeping Connected When Isolated"; "Our Recommended Book List"; "Work-at-Home Ground Rules to Boost Your Productivity"

April 2020, Issue 67   EN | FR


Articles: "Should you Allow Cellphones at Work?"; "They touched my BUTT!"; "Choosing sources of information carefully is critical to COVID-19 mental well-being says Mental Health Commission of Canada"

March 2020, Issue 66   EN | FR


Articles: "4-day work week!"; "Be Aware of Dangerous Social Media Challenges"

February 2020, Issue 65   EN | FR


Articles: "Coronavirus Information Package from Dunk & Associates"; "Do you have a Monkey Mind?"; "Escape the Workplace"

January 2020, Issue 64   EN | FR


Articles: "Where were you in January of 2000?"; "Terminating an Employee the Humane Way"; "Bad Habits of Management"

December 2019, Issue 63   EN | FR


Articles: "Work Christmas Parties - Don't Let a Good Party Turn Bad!"; "Writing a Policy? Here's the Cheat Sheet you Need"

November 2019, Issue 62   EN | FR


Articles: "My Safety Program Walked Out"; "You Got a Ticket or Order...Now What?"; "The New WSIB Rate Framework (For Ontario Only)"; "Listening to Your Body"

October 2019, Issue 61   EN | FR


Articles: "8 Easy Ways to Add Gratitude to Your Work Day"; "Why Would a White Anglo-Saxon Middle-Aged Male (heterosexual) Write about LGBTQ+?"; "5 Steps to Consider to Object to a Compensation Claim"; "An important update regarding WHMIS"

September 2019, Issue 60   EN | FR


Articles: "Announcing the Systems 24-7 Event Scheduler"; "Marijuana: It Is Only Impairment"; ""I Object!" Now What?"; "Knock, knock, who's there? It's Dunk...hide!"

August 2019, Issue 59   EN | FR


Articles: "Have a Complaint? You can help."; "How to Write Great Online Learning"; "Claims Management 101: Four Steps to Remember if an Employee is Injured at Work"

July 2019, Issue 58   EN | FR


Articles: "Announcing New Systems 24-7 Training Reports"; "Are you a “Supervisor Sandwich”?"; "Negative Nelly? Debbie Downer?"; "Maintenance of Elements for Hybrid Firms Please Read"

June 2019, Issue 57   EN | FR


Articles: "I'm Not Happy at Work"; "Fatigue: A Risk Too Often Overlooked"; "Announcing New Systems 24-7 Training Reports"; "A Note to Our Clients Regarding Internet Explorer"

May 2019, Issue 56   EN | FR


Articles: "The Job Description of a Great Employee!"; "Work. Life. Balance? No Way!"; "Our Journey to Excellence through Ontario WSIB Safety Groups"

April 2019, Issue 55   EN | FR


Articles: "Are Your Employees Workplace Athletes?"; "The Nasty Red Pen"; "Protecting Privileged Information"

March 2019, Issue 54   EN | FR


Articles: "Tainted Gossip: Are You a Victim or a Perpetrator"; "Why Do You Care What I Do Outside of Work?"; "Legislative Updates for Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and New Brunswick"

February 2019, Issue 53   EN | FR


Articles: "How Do You Actually Find Time for Safety?"; "Offensive is Not Funny!"

January 2019, Issue 52   EN | FR


Articles: "We're Co-workers, Not Friends"; "Values in the Workplace"

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