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How Does Safety at Home Relate to Safety at Work?

Although you may clock out or leave/finish work for the day, this doesn’t mean that safety practices are also done. Safety at home is just as important as safety while on the job. By prioritizing and paying attention to safety even when you’re not working, you can help develop a better safety attitude and prevent injuries from occurring while at home that may impact your ability to perform your job.

Regardless if you work on a job site, remotely, or a combination of both, employers should consider the safety of the employee and emphasize the importance of safety at home. Not only will employees potentially miss work due to accidents and/or incidents that occur at home, but it may also impact other employees.

The list of similarities between hazards that can occur at home and hazards that occur in the workplace is nearly endless. Therefore, by performing safety habits daily, whether a workday or not, you can more easily incorporate them into your lifestyle.

How Does Safety at Home Relate to Safety at Work? Consider the following safety practices performed in the workplace that should also be considered when at home:

  • Having an evacuation plan in place for any type of emergency (i.e., tornado, fire, gas leak, etc.) that includes procedures, meet-up locations, and emergency contact information. Keep in mind any necessary items required for each situation.

  • Wear personal protective equipment and appropriate clothing. Think about it when you’re cooking, cutting the grass, or even cleaning the bathroom. Do you use the same type of gear and protection at home that you’d use at work to complete this task?

  • Performing monthly inspections. This provides an opportunity to determine any safety issues that may not have been identified before. When doing your inspection, check on things like smoke detectors, first aid supplies, fire extinguishers, no broken or frayed cords or cables, etc.

Safety is an everyday practice! To enhance its effectiveness, it should be performed wherever you are, including when you’re at home and while on the job.

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