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Included in this feature: IT & Graphics Department Brown Out Notice; Systems 24-7 Add-on Sale; New Course: Active Attacker Awareness; Course Coming Soon: Radio Frequency Safety Awareness; and Featured Article: Soft Skills Shortage.

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Monthly Newsletter

November 2023


Legislative Updates

November 2023

Registration Open for Supervisor Skills Development: Harassment Investigation Training

How do you know when the line gets crossed between a conflict in the workplace and when a harassment investigation is required? Dealing with differing personalities will always be a struggle as everyone has different opinions, ways of learning, and expectations. Where is the boundary between conflict and harassment? What are management’s rights versus harassment? Is “banter” healthy or is it harassment?

Over the past year, our professional team has spent hours coaching and mentoring supervisors, managers, and owners in harassment investigations. Let us help you build the skills in your management/supervisory team. Join us on Tuesday, November 21st from 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm EST for a 90-minute hands-on webinar to discuss when an investigation is required, what should be included, how to document, what information to share, and when to involve a third party. This skill-building webinar will provide tools and training to managers, supervisors, safety committee members, and anyone else who could benefit. We will also share case studies and do group problem-solving to put what we’re learning into practice. A variety of templates and tools will also be provided to support your learning.

For more information and to register, visit us here.

IT & Graphics Department Brown Out

The IT & Graphics Departments are closed each year from December 1st to January 1st . During this time, no new requests for work are accepted, including online course development, programming developments, or other specific tech requests. This scheduled brownout allows programmers and designers to clear existing projects off their plates and prioritize upcoming projects for each year. If you require anything, please email to ensure that it is scheduled.

Systems 24-7 Add-on Sale (Save 13%)

There is no time like the present to Add-On to your Systems 24-7 site! From now until December 1st, receive a 13% discount on all Add-On purchases! Systems 24-7 has many affordable features to help you get the best use out of your site. For example, use our High Fives feature to provide digital high fives to your employees who’ve done a job well, use the Preventative Maintenance feature to track and schedule your preventative maintenance, or manage all your events using our Event Scheduler.

Systems 24-7 is more than just an LMS or “compliance” software. It’s an employee hub for you to add value to your employee’s job experience. We have many available add-ons to help your organization provide the most value and save time. Work smarter - not harder!

This discount will be valid for the duration of your contract with Dunk & Associates/Systems 24-7. When you renew, you will continue to receive the discounted add-on. This offer is not available for those on a shared site and must be invoiced prior to December 1st to receive the discounted price. To see a list of our Add-on features, click here.

New Course: Active Attacker Awareness

While active attacker and targeted violence incidents are quite rare, they are highly impactful. Being prepared to act can make all the difference.

For this reason, many organizations, like your own, are taking action to prepare their staff to be aware of active attacker incidents in the workplace and effectively respond should an attack occur.

Coming Soon: Radio Frequency Safety Awareness

Almost every area of your day-to-day life uses radio frequency (RF) energy. It delivers your morning news through wireless services such as broadcasting (AM and FM radio, TV); lets you place your coffee order through your cell phone; protects you by providing communication for emergency services (police, fire, ambulance); and keeps you connected through the operation of wireless consumer devices such as Wi-Fi, baby monitors, and cordless phones.

By completing this RF awareness training course, you will learn about the possible dangers of exposure and how to protect yourself.

Certification Sale: Save 20%

From September 1st to December 1st only, save 20% off when you register two or more learners for JHSC Certification Part 1 eLearning in Ontario. This offer is available for both our private clients and members of the general public. Want to register? Click here for more information.

*This discount applies to the session fee and also to purchasing a printed copy of the participant’s manual

Ontario JHSC Certification 2024 Schedule Released

Thank you to everyone who registered for a JHSC Certification session this year! We have officially fully certified more than 220 JHSC members since February 2022! Our remaining distance classes are currently full until the end of the year, but we’re pleased to share our 2024 schedule.

If you’re looking for Part 1, Part 2, or Refresher training, visit the website to see an updated list of our training sessions and sign up now to reserve your spot!

As a reminder, from now until December 1st, save 20% of regular pricing when you register two or more learners for our CPO Approved JHSC Certification Training - Part 1 eLearning.

2024 Public Webinar Schedule Coming Soon!

Every year, Dunk & Associates hosts a variety of free webinars! They are an incredible way of staying on top of key topics in health and safety and human resources and keep in the loop on changes in legislation. All of our webinars are facilitated by an experienced staff member, so you can be assured you are getting good information. All webinars are also recorded in case you miss them or want to share within the workplace.

Keep your eyes peeled on our website as the schedule with registration links will be released within the next few weeks.

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