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Values in the Workplace

Workplace culture can find its foundations set in its values. What does your organization value? Truth, responsiveness, trust, respect? How do you live out these values daily? Are you instilling these values in how you greet each other? Are you using positive salutations and tone in your email correspondence? Can your values be experienced by others or is it just a fancy placard on the wall?

Let me provide an example:

Dunk & Associates values its customers and we respect your time and needs. We demonstrate this to you in our turn around and response time to emails and phone calls. Our rule is to respond to any external email within one hour and any internal email within 2 hours (cannot forget our internal customers). We may not always have the answer right away, but in one hour we strive to let you know that we are working on a solution!

What about your employees? We know people want to work for organizations that have strong values and a great culture; it is more than just money. We need a culture evolution in our workplaces that focuses on a value system that we live and exercise. This is a narrow road not traveled by many, but it is an exciting adventure where we can all find passion and purpose in our work life.

Pick a value and map out how you will live that value. Example: For 2019, I want to work on the value of hospitality. I want every staff, client, visitor and guest in our business to experience extraordinary hospitality. How will we achieve this? We will do it in the way we answer the phone, by asking if a person has time to speak to us when we call, or by offering a hot beverage or ice water to those who deliver packages and provide services in our office. We will also greet marketers on the phone just like a customer and ensure they are respected with high levels of hospitality! Come visit us and see how we are doing with our value of hospitality!


How is your workplace culture, can you define it, does it need clarity or improvement? Dunk & Associates is offering a 6 session webinar course on Workplace Evolution. This is a "train the trainer"-style program where you receive the presentations, tools and information to use in your workplace for a lasting effect. To learn more click here or email us at


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