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Are Your Employees Workplace Athletes?

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

There is a concept that our employees should be treated and act like athletes. What does this mean though? If you think about what an all-around excellent athlete is and what is required to be a good athlete, these concepts can be transferred over to our employees. Here is a list of what a workplace athlete would do:

  • Show up fit to work. Every athlete shows up to their game ready and willing to play, every time.

  • This includes being well rested, fueled (i.e. have eaten for the day), in proper uniform etc.

  • Have a coach!

  • Athletes have a coach or mentor who guides and instructs them on how to be successful and the best athlete that they can be. Workplace athletes should look to their supervisors and managers for guidance!

  • They take care of their bodies, meaning:

  • Stretch and warm up before each shift. An athlete never attempts their sport without first warming up their body. Why shouldn’t employees?

  • Proper diet. Food fuels the body and what we put in it, we get out of it. Fill it with greasy fast food and you’ll be sluggish and hungry. Fill it with whole foods with loads of nutrients and you’ll have much more energy.Athletes follow a strict diet and employees need to be eating healthy as well – not necessarily a strict diet but there should be balance.

  • Get enough sleep. Our bodies recover while we’re resting, especially while we’re in a deep sleep. Every athlete knows that they perform better when they follow a proper sleep schedule; employees should as well.

  • Hydrate! Everyone knows our bodies are mostly water, well guess what, you still need more! Every athlete knows the importance of hydration and the side effects of not drinking enough – headaches, increased hunger, and muscle cramps. This is no different for average humans! DRINK MORE WATER!

  • Athletes are constantly training. They are always at practice, working on their skills, perfecting their technique, watching replays, and always trying to better themselves. Employees should too. Learn from mistakes, practice proper body mechanics, and improve skill sets.

  • If an athlete gets injured, they take the time to recover and follow the orders of their doctors. Athletes dread getting hurt, but it’s inevitable. So, every good athlete knows that when they get hurt they need to rest, recover, participate in recovery (i.e. physio) and listen to the team doctor. Employees need to do the same; they need to follow the orders of their doctors and participate in the return to work process so that they can get back in the game, sorry, workplace.

In the end, athletes and employees have some differences, but the same approach that athletes take, employees can as well. Take care of your body, the whole body, including your mental wellness, and have a passion for your work.


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