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8 Easy Ways to Add Gratitude to Your Work Day

We know what the dictionary’s definition of gratitude is. We know that we should feel thankful for what we have. But how many times have you stopped today and thought,

“I am grateful for this,” instead of, “Why isn’t this working?”, or “Why haven’t I been given that?”

It’s common sense that we should all be thankful. But did you know it’s also GOOD for you?

Here’s some of the benefits.

So how do we do it? Life is busy, we don’t have time! Well, here are 8 easy ways where you can practice gratitude every day and build it into your routine at work.

1. Morning Shower

You aren’t doing anything in there other than washing your hair, so why not use a minute of that time to tell yourself one thing that you’re grateful for since you’ve woken up. Is the sun out? Did you put your feet on a warm carpet? Was there a roof over your head last night?

2. Coffee Time

While you are drinking your morning cup of coffee, give yourself an extra two minutes to sit on the sofa, in front of a window with a nice view, or even for two quiet minutes in the parking lot before you go into work. What are you thankful for now? Did you have a smooth morning with the kids? Did you get a nice compliment on the way into work? Was there less traffic than normal? Was your favourite song on the radio?

3. Bathroom Break

Okay, we’re all culprits here. But let’s leave our phones on our desks when we dash to the bathroom. The next level of Candy Crush can wait and no one would be pleased to know you sent them that email while sitting on the white throne. Instead, while you’re in the washroom, think to yourself, what’s going good so far today? Have you accomplished something that you are proud of?

4. Lunch/Dinner Break

Take a few extra minutes on your break to take a little walk by yourself. While you’re walking, take the moment to reflect on what else you are grateful for today. Was that apple particularly good? Did you get a nice note in your lunch pail? Did you finally pack that salad you’ve been meaning to all week? Show yourself some kindness and give yourself a compliment while you’re at it.

5. The Trip Home

Traffic home can be such a stressor. Don’t the other vehicles know you have a dog to get home to? Starving children? A date with the gym? Instead of getting frustrated, put on some good music. While you’re driving, reflect on some of the positives of your day. Who were you thankful for today? If you find it hard to remember to ask yourself these questions, leave yourself a sticky note on the dashboard!

6. Before You Eat

Build it into your routine to sit down and eat dinner at the table. If you have other people sharing the meal with you like a partner or children, ask everyone to participate and share a few good things about their day. What are they grateful for? Are you grateful that you had help with supper? Are you grateful that you didn’t have to unload the dishwasher?

Taking the time to point out the things you are grateful for will help improve everyone’s day!

7. When You Have Down Time

So, you finally have some alone time to unwind from your day. Are you about to start the next episode of the Netflix show you’ve been dying to finish all day? Are you about to head off for coffee with a friend? Again, just take the few moments to reflect on how grateful you are to be able to do these things.

8. Before Bed

If you like to journal, now is a great time to jot down all the positive things you have been thinking throughout the day. Instead of writing down everything that went wrong, write down everything that went right! Set an intention for tomorrow and watch how it completely changes your day.


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