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Announcing Nancy Dunk's Retirement

We are both delighted and disheartened to announce that Nancy Dunk, our former President, is retiring from Dunk & Associates effective December 1. In December 2020, Nancy sold Dunk & Associates to myself (Nancy’s son) who many of you have known for years. Over the past two years, Nancy has slowly transitioned to an advisory role to prepare for her retirement. For those of you that have had the pleasure of working with Nancy, she has played a vital role in making workplaces safe and healthy across Canada. When Nancy started Dunk & Associates in 2000, it was because she noticed that many employers didn't have the resources to manage safety effectively within their business and struggled with being proactive in their employees' safety and wellness.

Over her journey of 20+ years with the company that she built, she has helped many of our clients develop healthy workplace cultures; in safety, HR and wellness. Since the start of the business, her goal has been to help ensure that employees get home safe and that they are motivated and engaged in workplace programs. We have never treated safety as a one-and-done initiative, her goal has always been to assist employers and ensure programs are living and breathing. Simply put, Nancy has been an inspiration and pioneer in the industry; she was ahead of the curve and launched an online technology program when "being online" was new and foreign, she grew her services and created one of the largest safety groups program (now Excellence) in the province, she sat as a stakeholder in many government affairs, she has mentored both individual clients and staff on safety, human resources, and personal growth, and made an incredible impact with employers across Canada, along with her many other achievements.

We hope that you will join us in wishing Nancy the best in her retirement. We would like to recognize Nancy for her devoted service at Dunk & Associates. I am certainly looking forward to being able to call her “Mom” instead of “Nancy”. For those that wish to celebrate Nancy’s Retirement with us, Dunk & Associates will be having an in-person conference in the spring, which will include a celebration and an opportunity to wish her well on her retirement journey. Details will come in the new year.

The future looks bright and we are excited and eager to continue providing our clients and customers with the best support, expertise, and technology to help you manage your business.


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