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Culture Survey

Some of you may have noticed the Culture Survey option while navigating the WSIB Digital Portal and wondered what is this really about.

The Culture Survey is a helpful tool for businesses to gauge their overall safety culture across various roles in the company. While this is not a mandatory survey, it is an excellent resource to measure your initial safety culture and then send it out again and see how your safety culture has changed after the implementation of your topics for the program year. It can also provide insight into potential topics for the following year, as well as other opportunities for improvement into your Health & Safety Program.

WSIB launched a new Culture Survey results table available on your dashboard. This means you won’t need to reach out to the health and safety inbox for your business summaries anymore! The employer digital user guide has been updated and posted to reflect this new feature.

Members can find their culture survey results on their dashboard, below the “Badges Earned” table.

You are able to see the results for your responses broken out by:

  • Year completed (This will help see changes in culture year over year).

  • By question – To view the average score per question, open the year row by clicking on the

  • down arrow.

  • If you would prefer to work in CSV format, it can be downloaded using the download button.

A business does not have access to the information of average scores by role. The provider has access to this information to keep the culture survey anonymous to the business.

If you are interested in this survey or have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to discuss them further.

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