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From the Desk of Nancy Dunk: 2021 A Bright New Year?

Who else feels like all these promises of a bright 2021 just aren’t realistic? I always like to start off the new year with an inspiring and positive note from my desk with messages to motivate you all. But this year, I am not sure. It’s 10 minutes to the deadline for this newsletter, and I am not feeling awe inspired. Should I write something, should I leave it?

If I am honest, I am not yet sure if 2021 is going to be a fresh start. I am not sure if we’ll come out of this pandemic and get back to living somewhat normal. Like you, I am tired of COVID-19, tired of media and politicians and being in a constant state of fear and frustration.

My mental health isn’t doing great, even with two new grandchildren in 2020 and so much to celebrate. Our staff are exhausted, with many, including myself, cancelling holidays to keep the ship floating to support our drowning clients. Our phones and emails just haven’t stopped. It’s hard to put a smile on some days.

But you know what, I am talking about it. And that’s important. We should all talk about it if it’s not hurting our mental health to do so. Some people like to trudge through, and others need to stop every now and then and have a good cry. Whatever you need to do to get through your day is good enough.

So rather than sending a message with my business hat on, I want to send you a message with my personal hat on – the message of a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and a friend. Take care of yourself. Keep talking. Keep doing. Keep going. This will pass. We’re all in it together. Let’s lead with kindness in 2021. We can do it.

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