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Let’s Build Up Not Tear Down

Aren’t you tired of our society wanting to tear things down? How can we survive as a meaningful, fruitful society when all we can focus on is canceling our history and people? How has this effected your workplace? Instead of ignoring our history, we need to embrace it, learn from it, and change accordingly. It is time to change perspectives and focus on the positive, without forgetting about the past.

No one is talking about what we need to do to “Build Up” our workplace and employees. So, change the chant. Up with Unity, Up with Love, Up with Compassion, Up with Forgiveness. We need to build up who we are, our culture, and our work.

I think the current young working generation is tired of the 140-character news and epithets. I am so energized by what I am hearing and learning from the 20- to 40-year-old workers. They are smart, I think probably the smartest people we have produced in a while. They are hungry to learn. They want the “why” answered, they will not just do something because they are told to – those days are gone. They don’t care what race someone is, what religion or age. What they are hungry for is understanding, respect and the opportunity to be the best version of themselves.

This generation needs a chance; they want to build up their community. Work must have value and meaning. They desire to be included and appreciated. I sit in development meetings and I am in awe of what I hear and learn. Yup, this 60-year-old is learning that our company is thriving because of that young, smart, and eager talent. All I had to do was listen, learn, appreciate, then allow them to act. Take an idea and run with it. Buildup who we are and what we are doing. Make a difference in the smallest ways to enhance your organization, your outputs, or values.

What about you? Are you ready to listen, learn, and build-up? It’s time we admit our mistakes and BUILD UP!

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