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Preparing for 2021 with Dunk & Associates

Wow, 2020 has been a strange year. I never thought I would make such good friends with staying home, but I can’t lie, I have started to enjoy the peace of my own house.

With 2021 on the horizon, will it be a “new year, new you” or is your goal to pretend 2020 never happened? What is Dunk hiding up their sleeves for the new year?

We’ve given it a lot of thought, and like everyone else, we want a “re-do”. So, in 2021, we’re going to refresh and refocus. Many of our clients were shut down for extended periods of time and many of you were working at a higher capacity with a smaller team causing your programs to take a temporary back seat while you worked on preventing the spread of COVID-19. So, what does this refresh and refocus mean? If you’re part of our safety and HR services, you’ll notice that our monthly and/or quarterly packages will repeat many of the topics from 2020, with some added updates.

This doesn’t mean it’s going to be the same; the same is boring. We’re going to spice it up a little next year. Rather than calling our packages “implementation packages”, we’re going to move to calling them “compliance packages”. We want to make this change to help everyone in the organization understand their significance. But as we know, successful programs don’t just work at one level of your organization, so we’re thinking of fun ways to better engage your staff, beyond online ‘toolbox’ talks and packages. But we don’t want to give away all our secrets yet, that wouldn’t be any fun. So, stay tuned for what’s to come.

Thank you for joining us on this journey! Continue to keep safe.


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