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Successes in 2022

2022 has been a successful year for Dunk & Associates. As the year winds to a close, we like to sit back and take the time to think and reflect on all of the items we have been able to deliver, and all of the achievements we’ve had throughout the year. Have you taken an opportunity to reflect within your business?

Let's celebrate our successes together! In 2022, Dunk & Associates, we achieved:
  1. Created a variety of new courses including Duty to Accommodate, Recruitment, De-escalating Conversations for Customer Service, The Basics of Credit Card Security, Impairment in the Workplace, Annual Safety Review, Communicable Disease, MSD & Me, and Silica Awareness. We also have a variety of courses written and in the pipeline for release in 2023.

  2. Developed 4 new HR policies including disconnecting from work, electronic monitoring, non-hoarding, and masking. If you're not subscribed to our HR professional services, ask us for more information!

  3. Developed 11 safety policies with corresponding forms and procedures including flood response, pedestrian safety, spill response, asbestos management, and many more. If you're not subscribed to our safety professional services, ask us for more details!

  4. Created a variety of resource packages for our clients including resources in recruitment, mental health, accommodations, coaching, and financial well-being!

  5. Kept our clients prepared and updated with changing COVID requirements.

  6. Continued monitoring and communication of legislation updates and application of changes across all our program content including policies, forms, training, and more.

  7. Were approved to offer our full training suite for Ontario JHSC Certification including Part 1 in-class, distance, and eLearning, and Part 2 in-class and distance training!

  8. Launched our Youtube channel to post recorded webinars and other helpful videos!

Here is what was developed, updated, and released on Systems 24-7:
  1. Training & Tracking: We relabelled the “Training” feature to “Training & Tracking”. This is because the training page is not just for employees to access their online courses; it can also be used to track external training records right on employee’s profiles. This includes training records for courses like First Aid, Respiratory Fit Testing, JHSC Certification, and more.

  2. Forced Ordering on Modules: For courses that have multiple modules, we added the option of determining whether the ordering is forced or not. On the module home page, there is a setting to determine whether the modules need to be taken in order by the user. If this is turned off, this means an employee can choose which module in the list to complete. Regardless of order, all modules within a course still need to be finished in order for the course to be marked as complete.

  3. Update to Course Audio Controls: Dunk & Associates released an update to the course audio controls. This new update allowed learners to see the progress of the voiceover. This was for accessibility to provide learners with the expectation of how long it will take to listen to a slide. With the new audio controls, learners are also now able to rewind if needed!

  4. Expand Course Feature: This update gives users the ability to expand the course window to fit their entire display screen; allowing for better concentration and focus on the online training content. For those clients who currently use our e-Learning modules in a classroom setting, this new option will provide a better classroom learning experience.

  5. Resource Expired Email Template: For those with libraries on Systems 24-7 (policies, forms, etc.) a new email template was added. When enabled in the notification centre, this email will provide a list to employees that include resources in the libraries that have expired sign-offs. Like our other notifications, these emails can be copied to an administrator for follow-up.

  6. Update to Manage Employee Page: You asked for it, and we listened! We added a new option to search for employees on the manage employee page. You can type in the employee’s first name, last name, or username into the search user field and we'll display employees that match your criteria in the dropdown. You can then quickly select them from the dropdown and it will open the user in the results. In addition, you can also search by partial information if you're not sure of the spelling or need to find a list of users that match the criteria.

  7. Course Access Allotment: Systems 24-7 added a company-wide setting to determine how long users can access courses on your site; for example, a date could be set to only allow access to courses for one year. This setting is based on users' date of hire and applies to all employees across your organization. After this time period, users can still log into the site, but they can no longer complete their training.

  8. Re-Start Course After Complete By Date Has Passed: A company setting was added to determine what happens when a course's "complete by" date (due date) has passed. When a course has a due date and employees fail to complete the training within the timeframe, Systems 24-7 can force users to re-take the training again from the beginning. This means all their progress will be reset and they start back at square one. This can be a great motivational tool to ensure employees are getting their training finished within the designated time period.

  9. Limit Final Tests After Completion: A new tool was added to limit final tests after completion. In short, when this setting is enabled, once an employee successfully completes their final tests in their courses, this setting will turn off the ability of the learner to be able to attempt the test again for a specified time period. Employees or learners can still review the courses however, they are unable to complete the test during the length of the limitation.

  10. Outstanding Training Email Template: By enabling this email within the notification centre, your organization can send employees a list of their outstanding training. Your organization can determine the frequency this email is sent, such as daily, weekly, monthly, etc. It's a great way to ensure assigned training is completed.

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