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The Final Push

As the days get shorter and the air gets cooler, for some of the participating firms, we are approaching the finish line for the Excellence program in 2020! It is now time to wrap up and reflect on the work completed for the program in the past months. This last push is the final hurdle to earning that rebate!

But don’t let this last task fall by the wayside. You’ve done some spectacular work entrenching the topics in the workplace, now it’s time to show the validators all of your hard work. Using the Evidence Story Template, tell the validators your story of implementation. Tell your story from the beginning and include why you selected your topics, what was needed and your plan to implement. Follow up with the steps taken, challenges faced, and discuss the results of your work. Don’t be afraid to admit your plan didn’t work out as originally hoped and discuss the next steps. Remember as you are telling your story to be clear, concise and convincing.

Once your story is complete, gather your evidence items using the Evidence Upload Template. Use these evidence items to strengthen and prove your story. Remember, there should be no new information in the Evidence Upload, this document will support your story. Submit your Evidence Stories, Uploads, and evidence items on the portal and remember to mark your evidence as Ready for Provider Review. We will not be able to review your evidence until the status is changed from Draft to Ready for Provider Review.

This is the final push, and you can do it! Think back on all of the hard work you’ve done, and prove to the validators that you’ve earned your rebate. Now is also the perfect time to start thinking about topics for 2021. Use the momentum you’ve created with this final push for a great start to 2021! If you haven’t registered for 2021 yet, it’s not too late! Fill in your registration form and send it in.

If you need any assistance with your stories, uploads or navigating the WSIB portal, please let Holly know. Send her an email at or call 1-866-754-8839.

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