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What’s an SOP?

For those who are unfamiliar with SOPs, they are Safe Operating Procedures (sometimes called Safe Operating Practices or Safe Work Practices) and are a fundamental component of a well-functioning health and safety program. Safe Operating Procedures are a great source of information and a helpful training tool for employees.

SOPs are procedural documents that describe the steps and processes for the use of a particular piece of equipment, tool, or process specific to your workplace. SOPs not only describe the process or procedure, they also contain warnings related to the equipment or process, any required PPE, the potential hazards and injuries inherent to the process or equipment, safety precautions, emergency procedures, and inspection and maintenance.

SOPs not only reflect industry regulations and provincial laws but can also be tailored to specifically reflect how the process or equipment is used in your workplace. Make sure to review your SOPs frequently to ensure that they are up-to-date and actually being followed. We recommend that you review your SOPs annually, or as things change in the workplace (think new equipment, new processes, etc.).

At Dunk & Associates, we have created more than 300 SOPs, available in English and French, for equipment and devices, kitchen equipment, mobile equipment, tools, PPE, and processes for varying workplace sectors. Have you recently added new procedures or equipment? If you are a Full-Service Health & Safety Client and need an SOP let us know and we can provide or create it for you. Not a Full-Service Health & Safety Client, no problem, our SOPs are available for purchase individually as well. Email us at or call our professional team at 1-866-754-8839 to get started.


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