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Why is Safety and/or HR Services with Dunk & Associates a Benefit to Your Business

Regardless of your business size, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to managing your safety or HR programs. In our 20+ years of experience, we have seen that in many workplaces, a person is “voluntold” to put these items under their portfolios to manage, with little to no training or experience. What’s worse, is if this person leaves, your entire safety/HR program walks out the door. Having a business involves some level of risk-taking, but this is an avoidable risk.

Dunk & Associates steps in to fill the gaps and helps you handle any curve balls that may come your way. With our Safety and HR professional services, many of our clients think of us as both an external safety/HR department and a trusted source of information. We’re here to answer the tough questions; what happens when a worker has had an injury in the workplace (or even harder, how to determine if it’s work-related if there’s a grey area), how to assist with fit for duty and accommodations, how to supply the information a workplace compliance inspector wants, and more.

We’ve seen it time and time again, where our clients are able to:
  • Reduce workplace injuries and severity

  • Save money on staffing and consultants (our programs cost a fraction of an employee’s salary)

  • Prevent workplace orders

  • Successfully object to workplace injury claims

  • Establish living and breathing compliance programs

  • Become less over-whelmed with understanding the law and what’s required; we break it down into steps

  • Grow and develop their own internal staff professionally

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