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Cool Things S247 Can Do

The Cool Things Systems 24-7 Can Do



With real-time metrics, employees will always know where they stand in your programs and what they need to accomplish, such as training, policy sign-offs, work schedule, upcoming training events and more. As a company, you can customize and organize what you want your employees to see with user-friendly management tools.


Modernize your physical health and safety board with new digital boards from Systems 24-7! Integrated directly into your Systems 24-7 program, ensure all required postings are posted within your workplace including policies, inspections, required posters, assessements/surveys, committee minutes, and more.  Bring any device to display your location-based health and safety board within the workplace. Employees have access 24/7 through their own Systems 24-7 account.



Systems 24-7 is built off your own unique organizational structure. This allows you to report specifically based on your own levels. You don’t have to fit into our program, our program will fit to you. If you grow, we grow with you.


As a “permission-based program”, you can set up administrative levels to manage your program. Permissions can be customized at any time.



Each user (whether they are an employee, volunteer or contractor) receives access to Systems 24-7 with their own unique username and password. With email notifications, new users will be emailed their credentials making your job a little easier.



Systems 24-7 includes a variety of static reports for your administrators to use. Generate a report on training completion, sign-off completion, policy “views”, logins, and more. Don’t have a report you need? Administrators can create their own reports and customize them whichever way they see fit. Reports can be shared and emailed on a frequency you determine.



A subscription to Systems 24-7 provides your organization with access to our bank of over 300 different online training courses. Courses cover a variety of topics such as health and safety, human resources, environmental sustainability, long-term care, clinical, and wellness. Click here to see our course list. All courses are written by qualified professionals and cover off your legal requirements.


Training is profiled directly to the roles and responsibilities in your organization. This means that all training is unique to each individual and their employment requirements. Training can even be assigned prior to an employee starting their first shift.


Already have your own training? Not a problem! Systems 24-7 is a powerful learning management system which can host your own courses and can provide access to a course administrator to create and customize your own training. Courses can be designed to include interactive activities and tests to help with participant engagement and to confirm knowledge transfer.



Managing classroom training sessions, workplace inspections, monthly meetings, etc. can be a challenging task. The event scheduler allows you to schedule events through the portal, control registrations and confirm attendance. Administrators can print attendance sheets, upload sign-in records, track who attended and who missed it, e-mail participants, generate certificates and report on completion.


Event administrators can even create custom administrators to allow third party providers access to confirm attendance themselves, allowing you to take a back seat when organizing and managing external training or events.



A self-controlled file storage tool that allows you to host any record-laden system, such as your policies, procedures, processes, hazard assessments, and forms. Documents can be assigned to specific levels and people throughout your organization and hidden from the rest. With Systems 24-7 libraries, give your recruitment department quick access to a bank of job descriptions and your employees quick access to incident or hazard report forms. Libraries will track authoring, document revisions and send email notifications to responsible parties when a document requires a review.


With Systems 24-7, you can either bring your own policies, procedures and forms, or we can build them for you. See our list of consulting services.



The survey function allows your organization to create and assign a customized questionnaire to your employees to allow you to receive feedback. With easy to use reports, you’ll be able to pull the data right at your fingertips.



Many companies have implemented monthly, weekly or even daily toolbox talks to discuss important information about safety or other topics. However, with many shifts and varying schedules, it can be tricky to get everyone in one place at once. The online monthly talk tool makes sharing this important information simple. With the tool, administrators can post a talk, request an acknowledgment that it’s been read, set time lines to complete them, add quiz questions to test knowledge and more.


Never done talks? Don’t know where to get started? Dunk & Associates provides monthly or quarterly talks on topics such as safety and human resources as part of its compliance packages! Want to learn more? See our consulting services.



This is the control feature for your entire program. Those that have permission to see this feature will have the ability to control everything from the layout of the website to the files held within it and the people that use it.



Want to know what your employees are doing when they are logged into Systems 24-7? All activity is tracked and logged so you never have to wonder who did what. If a new user is added, if someone is deleted, if a policy is read – you get to know about it.



Report It is an online form builder with extreme flexibility. It’s easy to use, share, and track and it lives right on your Systems 24-7 platform. The best part, all the data that is collected can be reported on to track performance indicators and trends. No more gathering paperwork!

Report It gives your company the ability to create online forms and reports to track any information, such as workplace inspections, accident/incident reports, requests for accommodation, disciplinary actions and more. You can even add your own processes, where specific questions or pages are assigned to different members within your organization.



Our SDS management solution combines access to our database with easy-to-use inventory management and data sheet deployment tools. This enables more cost-effective compliance with OSHA's HCS, Canada’s Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) requirements, the European Commission’s REACH regulation, as well as the more recently adopted elements of the United Nations' Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). Our online solution creates a simplified safety data sheet management system so your employees can quickly access information and your company can focus on safety.



The employee scheduler allows managers to build shift schedules online. Employees will receive email notifications to remind them when a new schedule is available and provide them with a venue to request time off or vacation days. Managers can set their own parameters for approval time and easily report on the number of shifts, days off, total hours worked and more.



Give your employees a virtual “high-five” for good work! When an employee receives an acknowledgment or a positive review from a customer, client, fellow co-worker or supervisor, track it online using the high five feature. Next time they login, they will receive a round of applause and a virtual high five, displayed right on their dashboard.


High fives can be an effective tool come performance review time!



Preventative Maintenance is a program designed to assign, schedule and track maintenance in your workplace. This program allows users to see their upcoming schedule, track what was done and notify 3rd party providers/contractors that scheduled maintenance is required. An email communication system is used to ensure maintenance requirements are not missed and escalations for resolutions are timely and responded to.



The All-in-One feature allows administrators to group together certain tasks or training within a single page. It provides ease and clarity for the user on what is required to be completed. You can select any type of item on the system, for example, training, policies, forms, etc. All items will be placed in a chart and users will be able to complete each item within that page just by clicking on them. This is a great tool for things like Employee Orientation when a number of items need to be checked off before the employee starts their first scheduled shift or within their first week of training.



Not every company is the same and we really want this to feel like your program, so we have provided you with the tools to create custom pages on the system. Customize existing pages such as the login or help pages or add company specific pages – the options are endless!



MyLinks provides your organization with a dashboard tool to allow you to load alternative links to help direct users to different locations. Do you want to help them find a specific resource/page on Systems 24-7? Do you want to link other online tools or applications you frequently use right on the dashboard? MyLinks will give you the control to make Systems 24-7 your true one stop shop for business management.



Your blog is your place to share important news and stories about your organization to share with the entire company. Blogs are posted on employee dashboards with our customized widget.

Features Currently in Development

Systems 24-7 is always expanding.

Here's a list of what's in the works.



It’s been proven that when adults set their own goals, they are more motivated to achieve them. Systems 24-7 allows employees to set their own personal goals with their own time lines to complete them. For example, employees can set goals on completing their training, reading their policies, completing their maintenance, returning to full duties after lost-time, and more. In addition, companies can set their own goals for their employees and can report on when they have been achieved.



Getting important information to your employees has never been easier. Administrators can post announcements and customize who should receive them. Emails are automatically sent to notify groups that a new announcement has been posted.



The Lockout/Tagout Program is an online solution to allow employees and contractors to easily find and follow the steps to lockout and test equipment prior to maintenance. The system will track who locked out equipment, when it was locked out, and when it was safely restored to service. Notifications are sent to affected employees to ensure the lockout is safely communicated.



Track in-house inventory items, such as item quantity in First Aid Kits, AEDs, etc. All inventory items can be assigned an expiry date to help you ensure that everything in your workplace is in top shape. Have an inventory item that is expiring soon? Let this feature help by contacting your preferred vendor/supplier directly to inform them you need re-stocking.



The HRIS helps you to manage your employees. Keep track of important information such as benefits, time off, employee contracts, job evaluation, confidential notes and more. The data is held securely to ensure the privacy of your data.



Use the application tracking system to post job opening, establish a pre-hire questionnaire, categorize your applicants, and track interviewed candidates. The pre-hire questionnaire will automatically narrow your candidates to help you spend less time in your search. In addition, this system can link to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to communicate your job postings and search for potential candidates.



The Contractor Program is an assessment tool used to help a company determine if the contractors/vendors or suppliers working for them are working safely within the confines of your company’s parameters. From assessing them before their first day on site, to violation tracking while on site, this program will ensure your due diligence as a hiring firm is met.

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