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Personal Safety

Why is it okay to take risks in our personal life, and yet, the same type of risks are unacceptable at work?

Unfortunately, many people take safety more seriously at work than at home. Maybe it’s because we fear the consequences of job performance, discipline or just get caught up in the safety culture at work. But whether you decide to become a weekend warrior, take part in risky extra-curricular activities, or just perform housework without PPE, the consequences are the same; illness and/or injury.

Look around your home and think about what hazards may exist. How much stuff do you have piled on your staircase waiting to go upstairs? Are your household chemicals stored correctly? Do you have PPE for performing yard work or working with tools?

There is something to be said about learning the RACE process of Recognize, Assess, Control and Evaluate so that you can apply it anywhere. These principles can be applied at work, home or even on vacation. If you train your brain to look for things that can be potentially dangerous, then you will be far more prepared when trying to prevent harm.

For some reason, we seem to take more risks the further away from work we get. If you are fortunate enough to have a weekend getaway place like a cottage or a chalet, what kind of short cuts do you take there that you wouldn’t when you’re at home or at work? Even on vacation we tend to be more trusting and take unnecessary risks.

Bottom-line, we should value our safety more so that the concerns we have at work translate into the safety precautions we take outside of work.

This month, as you prepare for winter, think about what you are doing and the risk involved. Should two people carry your winter tires instead of one? What precautions can you take when cleaning up your yard? What kind of safety kit should you have in your car to be prepared?

Don’t take your safety outside of work for granted. Chances are you don’t have a safety person looking out for your best interests; you only have yourself!


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