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Stop Procrastinating!

What are you waiting for? We are in the home stretch for 2018.

We usually procrastinate because we either don’t know how to do something, or because the task seems daunting. Whatever your reasons are for procrastinating your safety responsibilities, it’s time to face the music and just get it done!

With only four months left in the year you are running the risk of missing some important tasks that demonstrate you are a due diligent employer in 2018. By the time you get around to reading this newsletter, it may even be closer to three months.

The worst thing you can do when you procrastinate is to continue to do so. It might feel better in the short term to turn a blind eye, but having those looming tasks hanging over your head is actually making you less productive. The things you procrastinate end up becoming distractions and take up valuable mental energy and focus.

It’s time to make that Safety “to-do” list and make sure you get it done. Fire drills, hazard assessments, policy reviews, etc. they are all very important. If getting organized and/or started is proving to be difficult, you have a few options.

First, make a list and prioritize between what is overdue versus what needs to be done before the end of the year. Make sure you set yourself realistic deadlines and solicit help or delegate if you can.

If even creating a list is too difficult you can call us. We can always help you figure out what needs to be done and provide some tools and guidelines to help you succeed.

Procrastinating is a natural tendency. We all do it, so stop beating yourself up and put that energy into getting caught up. The clock is ticking and time is running out!


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