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Legislative Updates for Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and New Brunswick

Canadian Legislation

Alberta – Safety Committee Training

The Government of Alberta has announced mandatory Health and Safety Committee (HSC) training for Health and Safety Representatives and Health and Safety Committee Members. This training is meant to assist Safety Reps and Committee Members in understanding their duties and responsibilities set out in the legislation. This training must be completed through an approved provider. At this point we are not aware of any due date for compliance with this new standard. An approved list of providers can be found here.

Ontario – Safety Committee Certification

The Government of Ontario has announced that Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification Training Part 1 will be available to be taken online instead of 3 days of in-class training. The announcement also includes an extension on how long participants will have to take Part 2 training. This will help employers save on training costs and provide more flexibility for when training can be completed. Dunk & Associates will be applying to once again be an approved JHSC Certification training provider. We will let you know when online training is once again available!

Manitoba – Updates to First Aid and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Requirements

Manitoba has updated it First Aid Standards to align with the CSA Standards for First Aid in the workplace. First Aid Certifications are now classified as Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, replacing FA1, FA2 and FA3. Current First Aid Certifications are still valid until their expiry date. In addition, employers will have 1 year to transition their First Aid Kits to the new standard. There are also updated requirements for High Visibility Gear, Respirators and Hearing Protection.

For more information about the changes, please click here.

New Brunswick – Workplace Violence and Harassment Regulation Changes

New Brunswick has announced new regulatory changes that define violence and harassment as workplace hazards. The new regulations require all employers to develop and implement a written code of practice for the prevention of violence and harassment of their workplace. In addition, employers will be required to perform a risk assessment analyzing the likelihood of violence in the workplace. These regulations will come into effect on April 1, 2019.

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