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Have a Complaint? You can help.

We are looking for complaints on our business, programs and services. Can you help? Dunk & Associates/Systems 24-7 has never been afraid of negative comments or feedback and we have never been afraid of making mistakes. This is how we have learned. There is no growth without error. Our programs grow and improve when we recognize what is wrong and “fix it”. Of course, we prefer constructive, and meaningful complaints that are based on fact and not just personal opinion, but we will take

them all.

When making a complaint, provide dates, times, facts, information about who you were speaking with, and what service you were using. Written complaints are most helpful so that we have all of the information and facts. If it is regarding technology, if possible, please send a screen shot, include what browser you are using and the website you accessed.

Dunk & Associates takes all complaints, concerns and suggestions seriously and we investigate each one. Our goal is to determine the corrective actions needed with the results of improvement. When we look back at how far we have come in our program development, technology offering and extraordinary services it is because our clients took the time to complain and help move us forward. Thank you for your involvement in our success.

Have a complaint, a concern, or an “ask” for improvements, never hesitate to email, fax or call, we are here to serve!


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