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Knock, knock, who’s there? It’s Dunk…hide!

Knock, Knock, Knock….

“Who’s there?”

“It’s Dunk & Associates”

“Quick hide!”

Dunk & Associates values our client relationships and those who have contracted us for professional services and supports receive our outbound calls. Some calls are monthly and some are quarterly to “check-in” on your Safety and/or Human Resource programs. Often the locations we service play hide and seek with us. They screen our calls, or when they hear it is us, think, “I don’t have time to talk today”. We understand you’re busy, however, you are missing a very valuable part of our service package. The three to four minutes to chat are needed to encourage and support your work. During our calls, we offer and provide you with follow-up to outstanding items, clarification on assignments, and often learn of barriers you are facing with implementation that we can provide suggestions for.

There is never any limit on time or frequency for inbound calls, but our outbound calls are so important to firms and locations we seldom hear from. The professional fees you pay cover this service and we wanted to remind our valued clients; we are here to serve you! So, the next time we call, take a few minutes and chat with us. If you’re busy, let’s set a time more convenient for you for us to call you back. If it works best to pre-schedule your calls with our friendly staff, we promise it will be worth the effort!


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